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  • Production Photo Blog

    Production Photo Blog

    Editor’s Note: In this blog post, Mulan has put together a collection of photos with Miquel and Bibi, to document the final stages of production. Here we’ll outline 1) the pre-assembly period, 2) putting all the components and materials together on to the final phone. The last step of ...

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  • Made with Care: Social Assessment Report

    Made with Care: Social Assessment Report

    In our earlier blogs on choosing and selecting a production partner, I discussed how Fairphone wants to take a different approach in our relationships with production partners. Fairphone feels strongly that the relationship we build with our suppliers will be the foundation on which we make interventions. Thanks to ...

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  • Production Update: Delivery Schedule

    Production Update: Delivery Schedule

    If you’re reading this, we can assume you have some interest in the Fairphone. Even more so, quite a lot of you have purchased the phone and by now can’t wait to hear more about delivery. You deserve a production update! We like to keep our blog open for all ...

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  • First Fairphone Cost Breakdown

    First Fairphone Cost Breakdown

    At last! The long-awaited, much-hyped “Cost Breakdown”. Never heard of it? Well, good. We’ve got plenty of information in this blog post to introduce you to this new idea we want to share with you: a detailed cost breakdown of your Fairphone. Our phone launching end of this year ...

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  • Fairphone Pop-Up Space: London

    Fairphone Pop-Up Space: London

    Will we see you in London next week!? At Fairphone our goal is to open up the systems to discover how our products are made. Lofty goal – but we’re doing it step-by-step when building our own smartphone. So even though our prototype isn’t our finished product, we know that ...

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  • Transparency: a Mission and a Challenge

    Transparency: a Mission and a Challenge

    If you’ve been living under a Fairphone-less rock: Fairphone’s mission is to change the relationship between people and their products, and our vision is an economy based on fairer principles. We’ve chosen to achieve this by making a phone, because we believe that by opening up the supply chain, ...

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  • Our role as a social enterprise in the industry

    Our role as a social enterprise in the industry

    A post about a conference that our product guy, Miquel, recently attended in Rostock, Germany on “Responsible IT.” As I write this post on the train from Rostock to Hamburg, my shirt is still wet from the a rainy yet wonderful day at the conference for Responsible IT Procurement in ...

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  • Fairphone at European Parliament

    Fairphone at European Parliament

    Last Monday, Fairphone attended a conference at the European Parliament. The conference was about a possible European law on responsible sourcing in conflict areas (that is: a law intended to propel companies to contribute positively to development and stability in conflict areas). This is quite an achievement as there was ...

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  • Fairphone’s Crowdfunded Model & Social Impact

    Fairphone’s Crowdfunded Model & Social Impact

    Note from Joe, Community Manager: Some people from the community ask, What’s your crowdfunding model? Do you have lots of investors? Here, I did a quick Q&A with Bas, head honcho, to get his take on Fairphone’s choice in using a crowdfunded model. He talks of his vision to ...

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