Good Working Conditions

We believe that long-term relationships are the foundation for good working conditions. We work closely with selected suppliers to assess the current situation, uncover the underlying issues and take a collaborative approach to improvement.

Why are we doing this?

The majority of the world’s smartphones are manufactured in China, but the country’s fast, affordable production comes at the cost of workers. We want to improve working conditions in the heart of the electronics sector, including health and safety, worker representation and working hours.

In 2015, 771.4 million smartphones were produced in China.

Our approach

To make a lasting impact, we want to go beyond the traditional compliance model. Working together with a variety of production partners, labor rights experts, NGOs and researchers, we’re developing innovative programs to improve worker satisfaction and representation, and to open the lines of communication between workers and management. Furthermore, we are an active member of the Clean Electronics Production Network (CEPN). This is a multi-stakeholder initiative with the goal to move the electronics industry towards zero exposure of workers to toxic chemicals in the manufacturing process.

Read the latest updates and social assessment reports of our top-tier suppliers:

Hi-P, final assembly manufacturer

Broadway, Fairphone 2 Case manufacturer

Our objectives

  • Improve working conditions and worker satisfaction
  • Increase worker engagement and foster worker/management dialogue
  • Implement responsible business practices, enhance skills and increase transparency

Together we can change the way products are made