Fairphone's 2022 Impact Report

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Our commitment to fairness
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A message from our CEO

“This report is our transparent account of how we’re doing based on our Key Performance Indicators. But unlike most companies, our KPIs go beyond financials. They reflect the impact we have on the health of our planet and the well-being of the people that make our phones. Fairphone has never been just about selling electronics: we’re out to change an industry that has improved consumers’ lives while making the world worse — with mountains of e-waste, unsafe mines, corruption, violence, child labor, and harrowing factory conditions. We simply don’t accept that these are the necessary or acceptable costs of doing business.” –  Eva Gouwens

A decade of change

Fairphone turns ten in 2023, and we’re filled with immense pride as we reflect on the past year of our first decade. We met all our Impact goals in 2022, a feat worth celebrating. But amidst the success, disappointment lingers. Our industry lags behind in addressing the pressing environmental and social challenges threatening our future. Many companies tout sustainability in flashy marketing campaigns, but it’s mere hype. We can’t afford to waste time on empty promises. The tech industry has to step up, prioritize these urgent issues, and embrace higher standards. It’s time for a simple readjustment of priorities.

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A challenge to the industry

We’re not kidding ourselves: Fairphone won’t improve the electronics industry by outselling huge competitors in the marketplace. Instead, we’ll improve it step by step by demonstrating there is a better way of doing business. We make smartphones to create change: the more phones and spare parts we sell and the more successful our business, the more we can scale up and the further our impact can reach. Every Fairphone sold shows that making a device proud to minimize environmental impacts and treat workers fairly is a selling point, not a profit liability.

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Our most sustainable phone yet: The Fairphone 4.

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