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Fairphone’s 2021 Impact Report

Change is in your hands

What’s in it for you?

What makes Fairphone fair
See how our efforts are benefitting
people & planet.

The next level of Fair
The Product Social & Environmental Passport of our latest Fairphone.

Our impact on people & planet
All the facts & figures to show we’re
walking the talk.

A message from our CEO

With this report, we want to pull back the curtain and show you what it takes to scale up a business with a social mission. We want to share our financial details, our achievements, and the dilemmas we face along the way. We want to be transparent with our community, while holding ourselves accountable. Finally, we want to properly document our journey — because in an industry that’s always moving forward, sometimes it’s important to look back. Whether you just skim the headlines or dive into the articles in depth, I hope you put down this report feeling inspired — or at least informed — about how we’re strengthening the foundations of our company to make a greater impact. –  Eva Gouwens

A year of big change

In 2021, we’ve set ourselves some serious challenges. But change doesn’t happen overnight. Our goal of a fairer future is a work in progress, and we’re constantly assessing how far we’ve come and where we want to go. The progress documented in our impact report reflects our values and our long-term outlook: there’s much to be proud of, much cause for hope, and much more to do.

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A challenge to the industry

We’re not kidding ourselves: Fairphone won’t improve the electronics industry by outselling huge competitors in the marketplace. Instead, we’ll improve it step by step by demonstrating there is a better way of doing business. We make smartphones to create change: the more phones and spare parts we sell and the more successful our business, the more we can scale up and the further our impact can reach. Every Fairphone sold shows that making a device proud to minimize environmental impacts and treat workers fairly is a selling point, not a profit liability.

Explore the change maker

Our most sustainable phone yet: The Fairphone 4.

Discover our story

How we build a fairer world

Together we can change the way products are made

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