Reuse and Recycling

We’re moving one step closer to a circular economy by encouraging the reuse and repair of our phones, researching electronics recycling options and reducing electronic waste worldwide.

We want to make the most of the materials used in consumer electronics. We support recycling programs to ensure valuable materials can be used again and again.

Why are we doing this?

Every year, consumers throw away millions of mobile phones since most phones aren’t built to last and we’re constantly encouraged to upgrade our devices. While some of these discarded phones are properly recycled, others are recycled under dangerous working conditions or end up in landfills.

Our approach

We sell spare parts and offer repair tutorials to help make your phone useful for as long as possible. Our take back program supports the reuse and recycling of your old phones, and we’re also researching the best way to recycle the Fairphone 2 by making it easier to dismantle. Finally, we’re working with partners to improve local collection efforts in countries struggling with electronic waste.

You can help:  Send us your old phone for recycling.


Our objectives

  • Encourage Fairphone community to donate old phones through recycling programs
  • Support phone collection in developing countries with local partners
  • Research smartphone recycling to optimize the recyclability of our current and future products

Together we can change the way products are made

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