Fair Materials

We care about what we’re putting in our phones. That’s why we’re tracing where our phone’s parts come from and creating demand for materials that are good for people and planet.

Why are we doing this?

Minerals and metals contained in your average smartphone originally enter the supply chain from the mining sector, a challenging industry in terms of sustainability. From pollution and extremely dangerous working conditions to child labor, a number of mining-related practices desperately require improvement.

The stuff that goes into your phone has an impact on people and the planet. We want to go straight to the source to make sure we’re creating positive change.

Our approach

We have set out to change the industry, from sourcing conflict-free minerals to using recycled materials as much as we can. We want to be responsible for positive change, both in conflict areas by contributing to alternatives to current mining practices, empowering workers and improving the likelihood of the local population, to using materials that don’t harm the environment. This way, we hope to increase industry and consumer awareness for the issues surrounding fair materials.

Using more recycled materials

Reducing our impact on the planet

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Responsible sourcing from conflict areas

Becoming a vehicle for change in the regions that need it most

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Our objectives

  • Source materials that are less hazardous/toxic
  • Increase use of recycled and/or renewable resources
  • Source materials from mines that empower vulnerable communities or have better sustainable performance

Together we can change the way products are made