July production update: Delivery set to begin next week


Every day we’re getting closer to getting our second batch Fairphones into the hands of their new owners. Since the last production update a few weeks ago, production has been busy with final checks on quality in terms of production quality, finalizing software, and reviewing packaging materials.

Shipping expected to start in a week

In general, the production has been running according to our original plan of shipment to begin mid-July. But early this week, we were informed that there was a manufacturing issue with the Fairphone packaging. The issue meant that the phones could move inside the box and cause damage or even activate the power button while in transit. Of course, this made it impossible to ship the available phones to Europe causing a small delay in the shipping process.


Cardboard inserts ready to hold a Fairphone.

Currently based on our best-case scenario estimates, the first phones should arrive in the Netherlands as early as next week with the phones arriving to buyers at the end of next week.

But until we physically have the phones in our hands, we don’t want to over-promise on the delivery date. As a reminder, the earlier you ordered your phone, the earlier you will receive it. We expect all orders received by the end of July to be delivered to the distribution center in the Netherlands by the end of August.

How can I track my phone delivery?

We expect the first group of phones to leave the distribution center by the middle of next week. Once this happens, those phone owners will receive an e-mail with tracking information. Then, we will post news on our website of expected numbers of phones being shipped to our Dutch distribution center for the next group of phones. It’s not an exact science, but we want to inform you as best as we can. All buyers will also be receiving news about this July production update via e-mail. Thanks as always for your patience, and stay tuned to our blog with more updates on delivery information.

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