Long-Lasting Design

We create products that last - both in their original design and in making their repair as easy as possible. That’s why we made the world’s first modular phone built with repairability in mind.

The Fairphone 3 boasts easy repair for long-lasting use. From the battery to the audio jack, all 7 modules are available in our shop.

Why are we doing this?

Consumer electronics are often viewed as semi-disposable objects, to be upgraded or discarded as soon as something better comes along. We’re fighting against a market trend where the average phone is replaced every 24 months, creating a huge environmental impact. As technology advances rapidly, consumers are losing the ability to repair, and truly understand how they can keep their devices longer.

Our approach

It shouldn’t have to be so complicated. That’s why we created the first modular phone. If an accident happens, just replace the screen and not the whole phone. We’re also working on making software that can be supported for over 5 years. This way, our core value of longevity is designed directly into our smartphones.

Featured projects

  • The most sustainable phone is the one you own

    So the longer you keep it, the more sustainable it becomes. Extending the lifespan of existing phones is the best strategy for reducing their impact on the planet.

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  • Industry first: Fairphone 2 gets camera upgrade

    By introducing two brand new camera modules, the Fairphone 2 has become the first smartphone with a core function that owners can upgrade by themselves.

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  • Aiming for long-lasting over latest

    Fairphone 2 was the first smartphone with a Snapdragon 801 chipset that received an update to Android 7 - And we're looking into further upgrades.

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