Long-Lasting Design

The most sustainable phone is the one you already own

Long-Lasting Design

A phone’s biggest environmental impact comes from the manufacturing process. That’s why – whether it’s a Fairphone or something else – the most sustainable phone available is the one you already own. So the longer you keep it, the more sustainable it becomes. Extending the lifespan of existing phones is the best strategy for reducing their impact on the planet. And it’s not only good for the earth – it’s easy on your wallet, too!

 Most mobile phones are replaced within two years – with your help, we want to keep ours working for longer. (Artwork by Esmée Laclé, 2019)

Just like your body, the best way to keep your phone going strong for as long as possible is to take good care of it. And as with human bodies, everything is interconnected, so sometimes a problem in one part of the phone (like strange screen behavior) can be fixed by tweaking something seemingly unrelated (like replacing your SIM card). Want more insider tips from our customer support team for keeping your phone in top shape? Below you’ll find a few more gems from our years of knowledge and experience.

How can you keep your phone fit?

Keep it clean

  • Clean your screen frequently – bonus points if you remove the cover and get around the edges.
  • Keep it away from sand, dust, and moisture (sweat!). Ziplock bags are your friends.
  • Open it up: When it comes to longevity, the Fairphone 2’s modular design goes a long way. Sometimes taking your phone apart and putting it back together is all it takes to solve the problem.
  • While you have the device open, you can also carefully remove dust, especially in the USB port and headphone jack.

Keep it happy

  • Make sure you’re running the latest software update.
  • Replace your SIM card every year or two (or whenever you have issues with calling and texting).
  • Delete apps you don’t use or might cause trouble (you can always reinstall them later).
  • Make a few easy adjustments to extend your battery life. If you spend lots of time online, for example, you may want to install an ad blocker to reduce the amount of bandwidth and energy required to load a page. We’ve got a whole list of not so obvious tweaks for you to make the most out of your battery.

Repair it right

  • The Fairphone Troubleshooter makes it easy to figure out what’s causing your issue. The solution might be as simple as updating your software or ordering a new module.
  • If your warranty has expired (your phone is more than 2 years old), order spare parts and take repairs into your own hands. Our tutorials will guide you through the process.

Got any other tips for keeping (and loving) your phone as long as possible? We’d love to hear them. Share your advice on the Fairphone forum or on our official Facebook page.

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