Behind the Screens

Fairphone & Waterbear present an immersive journey deep into the smartphone supply chain. A vis­cer­al doc­u­men­tary that expos­es what it really takes to create our most important personal devices.


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The hidden world behind your screen

There are more mobile phones on the planet than people. You’re probably scrolling on your phone right now… But have you ever wondered what went into making it? Behind that screen are a lot of different materials that people all over the world have worked on. With this documentary, we want to pull back the curtain and really show you what it takes to create a smartphone – and the incredible impact it has on people and planet. You will not look at your phone the same way after watching…

How your phone is made matters

Chapter #1: In the mines

Everything that’s inside a smartphone has an impact on people and planet. We go straight to the source to make sure we’re creating positive change. One material at a time, we’re working to incorporate fairer, recycled, and responsibly mined materials in our phones.

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Chapter #2: In the factory

We believe that everyone working in the electronics industry should have a decent life, a sufficient income, a safe workplace and the opportunity to be heard. Our worker driven impact programs, like our living wage bonus, translate to real-time improvements for many workers in our supply chain.

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Chapter #3: In your hands

“Make, use, dispose, repeat” might work for the electronics industry, but (really) doesn’t work for the planet! So we went all in and designed smartphones to break this cycle. Our goal is simple: Support your Fairphone to last as long as possible. The longer you hold onto your phone, the smaller its environmental footprint.

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Chapter #4: There’s no such place as “away”

We want to make the most of the materials used in consumer electronics. We’re moving one step closer to a circular economy by encouraging the reuse and repair of our phones, researching electronics recycling options and reducing electronic waste worldwide.

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Teaming up with WaterBear

WaterBear is the first interactive streaming platform dedicated to the future of our planet. As such, it’s an amazing place to discover impactful stories about organizations and initiatives on a mission to save our planet. We joined forces for this original short film, because we hope that it will inspire you to rethink the value of your phone – not in pounds, euros or dollars – but in human and environmental costs. We want to open up this black box that is your phone and really start a conversation about what’s right, what’s normal and what’s possible. Our documentary “Behind the Screens” and many more exceptional films are just one signup away. WaterBear is always free and without ads.

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