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It’s not just a seal of approval. Fairphone and Google™ are working together to provide enterprises with the best and most secure mobile experience possible. So you can feel good about setting your business up on mobile with the Fairphone 4.


Fairphone 4

The Fairphone 4 is our most sustainable, capable and long-lasting device yet. It’s good for your business – And for the business of doing good.
Support your employees and the planet by choosing Fairphone.

Fairphone 4 is delivered with Android™ 12* (upgradable to Android™ 14)
Security support until at least October, 2026.

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Powerful & secure

Android Enterprise provides a security and management framework built right into Android.
Fairphone’s participation in the program gives our customers added assurance that it meets Google’s strict hardware and software requirements. Android Enterprise Recommended means you get timely security patches and clear information about major updates. Know your company’s devices are always up to date.

Learn more about Android Security Bulletins
Learn more about Android Enterprise Recommended

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  • I already have a Fairphone 4, how can I get AER on it?

    It’s not an application you have to download, it’s embedded in your software. AER will be activated from software version FP4.FP4D.A.163.20220826.

  • Does AER mean the Fairphone 4 will receive Android 12 and 13 soon?

    Yes. Fairphone 4 is currently shipped with Android 11 pre-installed but we are now starting to roll out a major software update to Android 12. This means you will get the latest features like further customization options, smart replies and overall improved privacy and security. Once the update is available, you will receive a push notification to automatically update. Depending on your network provider, some customers may receive the update sooner than others. We appreciate your patience in advance.

    Android 13 will be developed in 2023.

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