For Procurement

  • Green procurement

    Make a positive impact and show you care as a business by investing in long-lasting, ethical hardware.

  • Lower your total cost of ownership

    Save time and money. With a modular design, repairs are easy and done on the spot.

  • A smartphone built for business

    Compatible with most device management software, the Fairphone is a great business companion.

For Resellers and Distributors

  • Join the growing movement of ethical consumers

    Engage with ethical consumers and business customers focused on sustainable procurement.

  • Showcase your values

    Make your commitment visible. Strengthen your brand’s social and environmental values by getting involved.

  • Lead change

    Set yourself apart. Work with an innovative, new brand and play a key role in building a better future.

For Operators

  • Speak For sustainability

    Connect with an ever-growing segment of ethical consumers and business customers focused on sustainable procurement.

  • Be a changemaker

    Differentiate yourself. Work with an innovative, new brand and be part of the movement for a better future

  • Let your values shine

    Strengthen your brand’s social and environmental values and complement your CSR policy.

Fairphone 2 is ready for business

The Fairphone 2 has everything you expect from a top-quality smartphone and more.

In addition to features like a five-inch full HD screen and the intuitive Android operating system, it comes with extras like two SIM slots, expandable memory and a replaceable battery. As the world’s first modular smartphone, it combines durability with easy repair for a phone that’s built to last.

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What our partners say

Helmut Spudich

VP Corporate Communications, T-Mobile Austria

We found our partnership with the team from Fairphone a very rewarding, inspiring and also fun experience. Their dedication to giving a new ethically responsible meaning to smartphones has given us much needed support in introducing this product into the Austrian market.

Erik Klomp

IT Administrator, MVO Nederland

The Fairphone 2 is a modern smartphone, a sustainable alternative that fits with our sustainable organization, MVO Nederland.

Michael Becker

Product Manager, Memo AG

As Germany’s most sustainable mail-order business we strive to include products in our range which are distinguished by their ecological and social characteristics. That is why we have Fairphone 2 in our assortment. This smartphone demonstrates that mobiles can be produced sustainably and fairly and that sustainable product designs are thoroughly marketable.

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