Shipping and additional costs of Fairphone products


  The shipping fee varies. The shipping costs for your order depends on: your shipping country the shipping service you choose the items in your order. See the table below for indications…

How much tax is applied to Fairphone products?


  We sell Fairphone products throughout Europe, so different tax rates are applicable. The prices of our products are a flat rate, so the price including VAT is the same for all EU…

Cost breakdown of the Fairphone 2


At Fairphone, transparency is one of our core principles for creating fairer electronics. Besides digging deeper into the supply chain and gaining a better understanding of industry…

First Fairphone Cost Breakdown


At last! The long-awaited, much-hyped "Cost Breakdown". Never heard of it? Well, good. We've got plenty of information in this blog post to introduce you to this new idea we want to…

Cost breakdown


Fairphone 2 pre-orders are now open


As of today, the Fairphone 2 is available for pre-order in our online shop! Everything we’ve been working on over the past year has been leading up to this moment, and we can’t…

Transparency: a Mission and a Challenge


If you've been living under a Fairphone-less rock: Fairphone's mission is to change the relationship between people and their products, and our vision is an economy based on fairer…

Launching Fairphone 3D-printed cases with 3D Hubs


Fairphone’s 3D-printed case challenge Design A Day starts today! Attention current and future Fairphone owners: Do you want to have a unique case for your Fairphone designed directly…

Comparing Fairphone’s approach to a sustainability label


This week Südwind, SOMO and the GoodElectronics Network published a report in which Fairphone’s approach for social and sustainability standards are compared with those of a well-established…

The architecture of the Fairphone 2: Designing a competitive device that embodies our values


The big day is finally here! Nearly a year and a half after we started designing our new phone, we’ve released the first images and more details about the Fairphone 2. (more…)

How sustainable is the Fairphone 3?


At Fairphone, our dedication to change means a dedication to measurement. We’ve just completed the life cycle assessment on the Fairphone 3, and we’re humble-proud to present our…

iFixit Guest Blog: Important Notes to Take From Fairphone’s Design Team


Last week at iFixit we did a teardown of the Fairphone 4, which earned an exceedingly rare 10/10 on our repairability scale. During that teardown, I was impressed with many of the decisions…

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