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Fairphone 2 pre-orders are now open


As of today, the Fairphone 2 is available for pre-order in our online shop! Everything we’ve been working on over the past year has been leading up to this moment, and we can’t wait to start growing our community of Fairphone owners.

Our latest phone is designed to increase longevity and repairability while expanding our influence over the consumer electronics supply chain. As a community-backed initiative, we’re excited to show that there’s a strong demand from people who believe in fairer electronics. Order now or share our story to show your support for Fairphone, help us stay independent and contribute to getting the production lines going.

Pre-orders help start production and keep Fairphone independent

Thanks to the support of our community, over the last two years we’ve worked hard to maintain our financial independence, which means to this point we haven’t relied on external investors or venture capital to keep our social enterprise up and running. This gives us the freedom to make our own choices based on our values.

Selling our phones using a pre-order model ensures that we can cover our basic operating costs and invest in social impact projects as well as manufacture the Fairphone 2.

Just like with our earlier phones, you can pre-order the Fairphone 2 before production starts. To order the necessary components to assemble the first phones and to generate the income required to ensure continuous production, we’ve set a lofty goal: We want to sell 15,000 phones by the end of September.


Tidy desk, tidy mind. Webshop manager Nur working hard.

Special edition Fairphone 2 for the first backers

During the pre-order period, phones will be delivered in the same order as they are purchased. So the quicker you order, the quicker you’ll find a Fairphone 2 on your doorstep. While the first buyers will get their phones faster, it’s by no means immediate – we call it a pre-order for a good reason!

Here’s how it works: You order and pay for your Fairphone 2 in advance in our online shop. Once the first production run is complete, your phone will be delivered later this year, starting from November.

If you’re ready to commit, please click over to our online shop and pre-order your Fairphone 2 right away. To make the deal extra sweet for our first backers, we’re offering a special edition Fairphone 2 to everyone who orders before 30 September. The phone will look the same from the outside, but when you open it up you’ll see something special that lets you know how important you are to us.

During the pre-order phase we will focus on selling phones one at a time through our online shop. However, later this year the Fairphone 2 will also be available through our network of existing partners, including KPN, The Phone Co-op, Faircustomer/Sinndrin, Vireo and ETC Mobil. If you’re interested in joining our community of resellers, please get in touch.


When the to-do list becomes the “done” list.

Cost breakdown coming soon

When you buy a Fairphone 2, you’re supporting much more than the creation of a smartphone. You’re also helping contribute to a fairer way of doing business and projects that influence a more responsible supply chain.

In that respect, we’re busy creating a cost breakdown so you can have a greater insight into how we run our company and where your money goes. We’re not quite there yet, as there are still costs for manufacturing and logistics that are not final, for example assembly costs or packaging, which will contribute to a more accurate cost breakdown before we can publish it.


Pre-orders from our community help get production started. Here’s an early model of the circuit board.

Buy a phone, join a movement

We’re just at the beginning of the pre-order phase, but we’re already proud of what we have achieved with the Fairphone 2. And we wouldn’t have been able to reach this point without the 60,000 people who bought the first Fairphones. Their confidence in our abilities and willingness to put down their money allowed us to develop projects that create positive social and environmental impact, expand our organization and invest in a new phone design that takes our ambitions even further.

And now, we’d like to ask you to help us take the next step. There’s still plenty to do to make electronics fairer to the environment, everyone involved in the supply chain and the final consumers. We’re just getting started. If you’re ready to replace your current phone, please show your support and pre-order the Fairphone 2. And if you’re happy with the phone you have, help us share our story. Because no matter how often we say it, we still believe: It’s not just a phone, it’s a movement. Thanks for being a part of it!

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