We’ve reached 100,000 Fairphone owners!


Nearly three years ago, we started a crowdfunding campaign to finance the creation of our first-ever phone. We had a modest goal of selling 5,000… and they flew off the virtual shelves much faster than anticipated.

So we got bolder and aimed higher. We continued to finance phone production with pre-orders, and sold out of all 60,000 Fairphone 1’s. And then we decided to design the Fairphone 2 – a modular, repairable phone that could take our ambitions even further. Last week, we finished delivering every single one of the 40,000 Fairphone 2 pre-orders and have reached another milestone: 100,000 Fairphone owners. We’re so grateful to each and every one of you for helping us get this far.

2 phones + 100,000 owners = A growing movement for fair electronics

Sometimes, as an individual, it can be hard to see the results of your actions. But the more individuals you have working together, the easier it becomes to influence real change. At Fairphone, even when our entire team was only four people, we dreamed of building a movement. And now, with 50 employees, 100,000 Fairphone owners, a huge online community (nearly 150,000 fans and followers on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, our forum and more), plus our growing network of partners and suppliers, we think it’s safe to say that this dream is becoming a reality.

And thanks to your amazing support, we’re making real progress. With the Fairphone 1, we sourced conflict-free tin and tantalum from the DRC, established worker representation at our top-tier manufacturer and a worker-controlled welfare fund, and collected literally tons of scrap phones in Ghana for safe recycling.

With the Fairphone 2, we’ve continued with these projects, plus achieved the first Fairtrade gold supply chain in the electronics industry, released an open source version of our software and we’re nearly ready to integrate conflict-free tungsten into our supply chain.

With the Fairphone 2, we’ve achieved the first Fairtrade gold supply chain in the electronics industry, released an open source version of our software and we’re nearly ready to integrate conflict-free tungsten into our supply chain.

The Fairphone 2 is now in stock

Besides helping us to contribute to a more socially and environmentally responsible value chain, our growing community of Fairphone owners has also given us the financial space to achieve another major first: The Fairphone 2 is now in stock! From now on, orders placed in our online shop will be delivered typically within one week (depending on your location and choice of shipping provider). If you can’t wait that long, it might be possible to get your new Fairphone even faster through one of our reseller partners.

Having stock means that we can now spread our message of fair electronics even further.

Up, up and away! On to the next 100K…

So we’ve reached 100,000 owners… what’s next? We want to keep growing our movement, of course! The more people we reach, the more we can achieve in our quest to expand the market for fair electronics. And despite everything you’ve done for us so far, we’re not too proud to ask for more help.

What can you do to help us find the next 100,000 Fairphone owners? Spread the Fairphone story – in person, online or wherever you may be. Tell your parents, talk to your friends, chat up that random stranger on the bus. Not sure what to say? Here are a few challenges especially for Fairphone owners:

  1. Take it all off: Remove your back cover and show your naked Fairphone to someone
  2. Share the love: Forward the Fairphone newsletter (or the link to subscribe) to a friend
  3. Bin it: Collect old phones from your friends and drop them off at local recycling point
  4. Show what you know: Head over to the community forum and share your knowledge with other Fairphone owners
  5. No more wait: Tell everyone who admires your Fairphone that it’s now in stock! (Delivery in one week in most parts of Europe)

Try just one or try them all! We’ve still got a long list of ambitions, but we’re amazed by how far we’ve already come with your support. Thank you for proving we can change how products are made.

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