Fairphone 2 now available through T-Mobile Austria


Starting today, there’s a new way for Austrian Fairphone fans to get their hands on our latest device: Thanks to a new operator partnership, the Fairphone 2 is now available through T-Mobile Austria. You can purchase the Fairphone 2 via the Austrian T-Mobile website, and from Thursday 24 March, it will also be available in 49 select stores throughout Austria.

See before you buy at T-Mobile shops

Our partnership with T-Mobile gives Austrian customers the opportunity to see, touch and explore the Fairphone 2 before they decide to buy – it’s the first time we’ve had such a significant retail presence. The phone will be on display at a variety of T-Mobile stores in Austria – have a look at the map to find the one that’s closest to you.

T-Mobile Austria is offering a range of subscription plans for the Fairphone 2, as well as additional support to help you make the most of your new phone. For example, they will be on hand to help with common questions such as transferring over data and contacts from your old phone, and spare parts, such as a replacement display and battery, will be available.

We see our T-Mobile Austria launch as the start of our partnership, and we’re excited to develop other innovative market propositions with T-Mobile to strengthen our vision for product longevity.

* For additional information about the Fairphone 2 launch at T-Mobile Austria in German, have a look at our press release.

T-Mobile Austria press conference with Fairphone in Vienna

Expanding our network of like-minded operator and reseller partners

T-Mobile is the latest member of our growing group of operator and reseller partners, joining KPN, Swisscom, The Phone Co-op, Faircustomer, Vireo, ETC Mobil, BTC Teleconsult, Memo AG and Ecosto in helping us spread our story and making the Fairphone 2 available to customers throughout Europe.

From the beginning, our Fairphone community has been eager for the possibility to purchase the phone directly through operators, but our slow and steady approach to building these partnerships has been very intentional. The Fairphone 2 has a very unique proposition in terms of fairness, modularity and repairability. In addition, Fairphone buyers tend to have different motivations than the average smartphone customer. Therefore, it’s important for us to develop close relationships with partners who understand and align with our values, and who are excited to collaborate in helping us spread our message of fair electronics.

In the coming year, we’re working to scale up our operations to expand our reach and influence on positive improvements in the electronics supply chain. As part of that goal, we will continue to expand our network with a select number of European partners in the areas of e-commerce, procurement, operators/MVNOs and joint promotion. If you think that your organization and Fairphone would make a great match, please get in touch.

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