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First Fairphones: Almost out of stock


Our jaws are dropping at the rate we’re selling out of Fairphones. Over the past couple of months, our community has been buying phones quicker than we could have anticipated. Based on our internal research and projections, we ordered stock to last us until the end of the year. But wow! The Fairphone community has surprised us once again and exceeded our expectations. In light of this, we want to give all of you Fairphone-owners-to-be an important heads up – Fairphone sales will close at the end of this week.

UPDATE: After we closed Fairphone orders on Friday 21 November, if you want to be notified when first Fairphones go back on sale in January, get notified on the product page. Because we are nearly sold out of stock, and to guarantee that we will have enough phones for everyone who places an order, we will close our webshop for Fairphone sales by 1700 CET on Friday 21 November, or earlier as supply lasts.

The shop will re-open with a select number of phones in January. That means, if you’re planning to purchase yours (especially, if you were waiting for the holidays), we suggest you act quick.

Since we announced phones in stock at the end of September, it’s taken just two months for us to reach the point of near-selling out of stock. At this moment, there are less than 1,000 Fairphones left in stock, with approximately 200-300 phones selling per day. We have reseller partners in other countries who have purchased phones, and we have now taken those orders off our sales counter.

Last batch of 1,000 phones available in January

After accounting for orders for our resellers and the recent surge in sales, we are approaching selling out of our current stock. Once we sell out, you can sign up on the Fairphone product page to be notified when the Fairphones are back in stock. For those who don’t need a phone immediately, you can also wait until our very last (and limited) batch of the first edition Fairphone becomes available through our Shop in January. Yes, you heard right, there are currently around 1,000 phones still at our manufacturer in Guohong, China, receiving their final touches. We expect these phones to arrive in Europe in January and we’ll briefly re-open our online shop until these sell out. These will be the last first edition Fairphones available!

Phones are selling out fast!

If you were planning to buy a Fairphone for the holidays, make sure you order now to avoid missing out.

Those who buy a phone from the online shop will receive it within two weeks of placing the order (depending on your country of residence).

Thanks to our amazing (and growing!) Fairphone community, we are busy bees working with the daily rush of new orders. Amongst this hustle and bustle, the office is full of smiles as the community is sending us a message loud and clear: the movement towards fairer electronics is growing stronger. We feel humbled to be in the position of almost selling out of stock – thanks again!

Buy through a local reseller


Our online shop is almost sold out, but luckily there are a few alternatives. You can purchase a Fairphone through any one of our resellers. Bear in mind, these resellers may also have limited stock. We take care in choosing our retail partners and team up with like-minded organizations who are driving a positive change in business.

Let’s briefly meet our current European resellers:

The Phone Co-op is a telecoms cooperative, 100% owned by its customers, providing broadband, phone and mobile services throughout the UK. Profits are reinvested into sustainable and community-run initiatives and shared with fellow co-ops through a fund project.

KPN. Since our campaign first began in 2010, this Dutch telecoms network, has been on board, supporting us on our journey. KPN was our first reseller, ordering 1,000 phones from the initial batch to sell through their online and in-store channels.

Faircustomer is a Swiss based online marketplace for sustainable products creating the space for existing co-op based, fairly traded and earth-friendly initiatives to increase their foothold in the international market. is a German online shop dedicated to green electronics and ecological toys. are taking steps toward creating positive and sustainable practices throughout their business, including making shipping and packaging proceses cleaner and greener.

ETC Mobil is a Swedish mobile provider who invest in solar energy projects. From each customer’s monthly mobile subscription, money is invested into sustainable energy initiatives to balance out the energy consumed through using the phone.

Looking forward

Thanks again for all the support. It’s been an amazing year of shipping out first edition phones and now (nearly) selling out of the second batch in 2014. For those of you who have recently purchased a Fairphone and want to recycle your former mobile friend, we’ve launched a new Recycling Program. If you’re not a Fairphone owner, you can still use our program to give new life to any unused phones you may have lying at home.

This speedy sales period has got us looking excitedly toward the future. We’ll soon be launching a subscription list for next year’s Fairphone to help us grasp how many people are interested in the next phone and from which part of the world. So far we’ve been receiving requests from those of you in Brazil, Canada, Australia, Taiwan, and the United States among a few other non-European countries. As we mentioned in our previous blog, we will first launch pre-orders in mid-2015 only in Europe with the hope to move outside Europe in 2016. Keep reading our blog to stay up-to-date on our plans for the next generation device and our upcoming interest list.

Again, a big thank you to all of you who have helped us spread the word and get conversation rolling about making fairer ethical electronics. We couldn’t do it without you. The projected sell out date is this Friday, so we’ll keep you posted via #WeAreFairphone.

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