Fairphones in stock for the first time!


On Wednesday 24 September we reached a major milestone in Fairphone history: We have Fairphones in stock for the first time ever! That means every single Fairphone pre-ordered in the past five months has been delivered or is on the road. From now on, any Fairphone order placed on our website will be processed in just a couple days and shipped under two weeks.

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Thank you… you… you and every one of you that pre-ordered

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, we want to once again say THANK YOU to each and every one of our committed community members who pre-ordered a Fairphone. By trusting us with your hard-earned cash before the phone was ready to ship, you have enabled us to keep operating independently, as well as start production.

Fairphone Distribution Center

A look inside the distribution center in the Netherlands.
Your order also allowed us to produce stock for the first time ever. That means we can now sell phones in our online shop to anyone who wasn’t prepared to endure that difficult wait at the pre-order stage. The sales of the remaining stock will help fund ongoing projects, as well as new research and activities as we work toward designing the next generation Fairphone device.

Shipping within 10 days for new orders – please spread the word

Do you know anyone who didn’t buy a Fairphone because they were a little nervous during the pre-order period? Let them know that it’s finally available in our shop – without the long wait.

At the moment, we have a rolling number of phones waiting at our distribution center in the Netherlands. Going forward, we will continue to receive shipments each week from China until all the remaining phones have arrived in the Netherlands. We hope to have sufficient stock for the coming months, but as always, supplies are limited! If you’re ready to commit, it’s better to act fast.

For all orders placed beginning today, we estimate about two days for processing and up to 10 days for delivery (depending on your country of residence). As a friendly reminder, we’re still only shipping within Europe.

Thanks once again for helping us spread the word and reach another turning point. We couldn’t do it without you.

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