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Over the past year and a half we’ve been overwhelmed and honored to have quite a few inquisitive journalists knock on our door and start asking questions.

We can’t possibly write in all the languages of the world, so we’re pleased to have the press step in to spread the word. From Finnish to Mandarin to Czech and Catalan, you will probably find an article about what we’re up to.

In this blog post, we want to take a quick look back on the coverage we’ve received in the press to give a full picture of the Fairphone story from 2013 to 2014 through the eyes of the press. We sure do write a lot on our own, so we’re happy we can let these intelligent folks take over and do the reporting. Thanks to all these writers and researchers who have remained engaged throughout the last year and a half! We respect the work these storytellers do in reporting on how products are created and larger investigations into our economy. More info for interested press members or journalists can be found on our Press page.

Got more articles we didn’t include here? Share in the comments below. Now, enjoy some fun facts and a roundup of our top press moments.

Fun Facts

Press reach this month (June 2014)
(Combination of all news channels and their readers):
94,692,920 readers

Press reach this year (2014)
387,422,976 readers

Media Blog Languages

News overview in languages (2014)
Number of interviews
2014 to present: 101
2013: 138

Number of Fairphone press releases

We wanted to keep it short and sweet, so we couldn’t include all languages. With 2,000 stories in beautiful languages to choose from, we couldn’t fit them all here.

Press Roundup

Media Blog English

The Financial Times, May 2013

ZDnet, June 2013

The Independent UK, September 2013

CCTV, September 2013

CNBC, September 2013

The Guardian, September 2013

TechRepublic, May 2014

Metro UK, May 2014

Good Electronics, May 2014

The Next Web, May 2014

New York Times, June 2014

OZY, June 2014

Wired, June 2014


Media Header, German

Der Freitag, July 2013

Der Spiegel, September 2013

SRF, September 2013

Der Tagesspiegel, October 2013

BR, January 2014

WDR, January 2014

Die Zeit, January 2014

Heise, January 2014

Politik Digital, March 2014

Security Insider, June 2014

Media Header, Dutch

De Volkskrant, May 2013

Radio 1, December 2013

Bright, January 2014

Vrij Nederland, February 2014

NRC Handelsblad, February 2014

Trouw, April 2014

De Telegraaf, June 2014

Nieuwezijds Magazine, September 2013

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