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Fairphone and case producer Broadway invest in improving social performance

We would like to introduce a new partner, Broadway Group, the manufacturer of our recently launched Fairphone 2 case. Together we’re developing a project plan to further improve working conditions at their manufacturing facilities. We are receiving the help of an independent organization, the Economic Rights Institute (ERI), to carry out some of the activities. […]

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    How sustainable is the Fairphone 2?

    By combining modular architecture with spare parts and easy repairs, we designed the Fairphone 2 to last longer than the average smartphone. And logically, a longer-lasting phone should have a lower environmental impact than one that’s replaced every year or two, right? Well, that’s what we hoped, but we wanted to carry out an independent […]

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  • circularcellular14

    Guest blog: Fairphone’s role in the circular economy

    Editor’s Note: Early this year, Fairphone was approached about participating in a short documentary about the circular economy. We were honored to be involved and very impressed with the end result, so we’ve asked filmmaker Ed Scott-Clarke to share a bit more about the background behind his film. Want to watch it before you read […]

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  • header_blue_angel

    Fairphone 2 is first smartphone to receive Blue Angel certification

    I’m very proud to share some good news: the Fairphone 2 has now received the Blue Angel certification. With this distinction, our phone joins more than 12,000 products and services that have been singled out for aspiring to better environmental standards. But what’s even more remarkable is the fact that the Fairphone 2 is the […]

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    Fairphone 2 gets a new case design in four colors

    The next step in our journey towards fairer electronics is a colorful one. Pre-orders for the relaunched Fairphone 2 are now open and we want to celebrate! We’ve given the phone a refresh, and we redesigned the back cover—there are now four brand new colors to pick from. Be part of the first batch of […]

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  • germanenvironmentalprize-3-web

    CEO Bas van Abel wins prestigious German Environmental Award

    Watch the livestream video of the German Environmental Award ceremony beginning at the 1:44:40 mark. We are very pleased to announce that our founder and CEO, Bas van Abel, has won the German Environmental Award (Deutschen Umweltpreis). The German prize, handed out by the DBU (German Federal Environmental Foundation/Deutsche Bundesstiftung Umwelt), is the biggest of […]

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  • header_web_launch

    A fresh look for the Fairphone brand

    The word “rebranding” can strike fear in the hearts of even the calmest colleagues, especially when you feel such a close connection to the brand, as many of us Fairphoners do. But it doesn’t have to be scary – sometimes a little bit of change can reflect a company’s natural evolution, or help you more […]

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  • Hi-P_Aug2016

    Progress and challenges to improving working conditions with our Fairphone 2 manufacturer

    When we began working with Hi-P in 2014 to produce the Fairphone 2, we made our goals for worker welfare clear: to collaboratively improve working conditions, employee engagement and employee representation. Now that we’re over a year and a half into our partnership with Hi-P, we’d like to give you an update on what has […]

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  • SupportBlogAug16_7-1

    We’re sorry to keep you waiting: an update from Customer Support

    At Fairphone, we take customer satisfaction very seriously. Which is why we want to apologize from the bottom of our hearts for the slow response to your support requests in recent weeks and months.

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  • BlogClosingLoop3_July2016-2

    Closing the Loop: The garbage collectors of the mobile industry

    Tons of mobile phones are thrown away every year, in part because we replace them so frequently. Much of this electronic waste (e-waste) ends up in countries with unsafe and unregulated recycling practices, contributing to health and environmental problems.

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