Tessa Wernink Tessa Wernink
April 10th, 2014

35,000 Phones in Second Batch

35k Featured

We’re making 35,000 more Fairphones!

A couple weeks ago, we asked you all, our faithful blog readers, and those on our 2nd batch buyers’ list how serious you were about buying a Fairphone. And the response was overwhelming! Based on your feedback, we’re excited to confirm that we’re producing 35,000 more Fairphones. We’re hoping to keep our community of Fairphone Owners growing for everyone who missed out on the first batch or has only recently learned about Fairphone.
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Kyle Wiens Kyle Wiens
April 3rd, 2014

Guest Blog: iFixit and Fairphone Repair Guides

iFixit and Fairphone

Editor’s Note: This week we hear from Kyle Wiens, the co-founder and CEO of iFixit, an online repair community internationally renowned for open source repair manuals and product teardowns. Fairphone is happy to announce our partnership with iFixit as Fairphone spare parts and repair guides are now live on our webshop, and on iFixit’s US and EU website.

This is the first step of our collaboration with iFixit – together we’re delivering repair manuals so that the Fairphone community can extend the lifetime of their smartphone. From our current 7 score on iFixit’s repairability scale, we’re aiming for a 10 by collaborating with them on our next model’s design (2015).
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Tessa Wernink Tessa Wernink
March 25th, 2014

Who’s Buying a 2nd Batch Fairphone?

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Editor’s Note: As of 31 March, we have closed the survey below. We had a huge number of respondents and comments! Thanks for taking the time to tell us about your Fairphone 2nd batch intentions.

For anyone who did not “vote” in time, it’s OK! This was a final indication (accounting for interested people who didn’t answer here), and we’ll announce our plans very soon. Thanks again.

Since our last update on Fairphone’s plans for the coming year, we’ve got some exciting news to share: We’re ready to produce a second batch of Fairphones! Over the past 4 months, more than 40,000 of you have said that you’re interested in buying a Fairphone. But before we get the production line running again, we need to get an idea of how serious you are about buying our phone this year.

We know that many of you were disappointed to miss out on getting one of the first Fairphones. If you want to be sure to get one this time around, please let us know how likely you are to purchase a Fairphone when they go on sale in May. We won’t ask you for any money just yet; we simply want to ensure that we’re producing the right amount of phones.
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Youge Xiao Youge Xiao
March 7th, 2014

Mobile World Congress 2014: Product Trend Report


As a Masters student at the University of Delft, I’ve recently started my research internship at Fairphone to further my passion for interaction and strategic design. I’m performing research on the mobile phone’s user experience in regards to hardware and software, and I was fortunate enough to join the Fairphone team in Barcelona the last week of February for Mobile World Congress 2014. In this post, I’ll give my personal views and opinions on the current trends in the mobile industry.
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Raluca Radu Raluca Radu
February 21st, 2014

Defining Sustainable (Choices): Can We Rely on Certification?


Almost one year ago, one week before opening the pre-sales, Bas shared our road map to a “fairer phone.” As you all know by now, the pillars in this road map focus on creating a more sustainable value chain in five action areas: precious minerals, made with care, smart design, lasting value and clear deals. During the past year, we have learned a lot about how challenging it is to apply the road map to real life circumstances. We have had to consider what makes a truly sustainable choice and what the best way is to make these choices operational for the long term in order to ensure structural change.

We also know how important it is to support you, our community, in easily identifying the sustainable values behind your Fairphone, allowing you to know the impacts you make with your purchase throughout its life cycle, and then understand better how you become the engine of the structural change.
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Bibi Bleekemolen Bibi Bleekemolen
February 13th, 2014

First Visit: Ghana E-waste Collection Program

Circle in Accra

[Editor’s Note: In this blog post, team members Bibi and Raluca deliver their report on their recent trip to Ghana, where they were accompanied by Joost de Kluijver of Closing the Loop. They discuss the scope of their trip, introduce partners, talk about the meetings they conducted, and give a view of the future developments in the area of recycling e-waste. - Joe Mier, Community Manager]
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Bas van Abel Bas van Abel
February 3rd, 2014

Fairphone, the next steps – from 2013 to 2014

Fairphone 2nd Batch

[Editor's Note: We've got news to share. After finishing the delivery of our first batch of Fairphones from December and January, we're looking ahead to 2014. I sat down with Bas to go over some of the common questions we get from our community, and want to share our plans going forward in this Q&A. - Tessa Wernink, Communications]

Where are we now? What next?

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Joe Mier Joe Mier
January 9th, 2014

Fairphone Video Tutorials

Video Tutorials Featured

We realize that many of you are still waiting for your phones. So, we’re posting a daily update on figures to our blog and apologize for the long wait – we know it must be hard after all these months.

There are however, as of this date about 7,000 people who have (almost) received their phones and are sharing their experiences on our social wall and talking about what they’re up to on our forum. When you have your phone, you may wonder – what do I do first?
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