• Fairtrade Messe Aachen 2020

    19 Settembre 2020

    Fairtrade Messe Aachen 2020

    Besucht uns bei der Aachener Fairtrade-Messe am 19. September im Weltladen und lernt das Fairphone 3 und die Fairphone Community Aachen kennen! Meet the Fairphone 3 as well as the Fairphone Community Aachen at Weltladen Aachen on 19 September! Visit website
  • Fairphone Community Aachen | Video Conference

    6 Luglio 2020

    Fairphone Community Aachen | Video Conference

    The next Aachen Fairphone Community Meetup wil be a virtual one! This session will focus on the alternative operating system /e/OS available both for the Fairphone 2 and Fairphone 3. For more information Visit website


  • Raw Materials Summit 2020

    18 - 20 Maggio 2020

    Raw Materials Summit 2020

    The Raw Materials Summit 2020 will envision the future of the raw materials industry in line with the priorities of the EU Green Deal. The three-day event will address digitalisation and innovation in areas including the transition to green energy supply as well as the rising demand for raw materials. Visit website
    • Miquel
  • 10. Stuttgart Fairphone Meetup

    18 Aprile 2020

    10. Stuttgart Fairphone Meetup

    Alle Fairphoner und Möchte-Gern-Fairphoner sind gerne zum netten Beisammensein eingeladen. Wir reden übers Fairphone, aber auch über Apps und die Welt. Ihr könnt gerne Fragen vorher hier posten die wir besprechen sollen. Visit website
    • Meetup
  • München Fairphone Meet-up

    30 Marzo 2020

    München Fairphone Meet-up

    Our amazing community in München will be hosting a Fairphone meet-up!  All Fairphone owners and friends are welcome to join the Fairphone München meet-up. All topics, Fairphone 1, 2 & 3 are open to discuss and all questions can be asked. For more information Visit website
    • Meetup
  • 16th European Trend Day

    11 Marzo 2020

    16th European Trend Day

    No discrimination. No child labour. No deforestation. No meat. No 5G. Consumers and citizens have become more critical and their purchasing decisions are increasingly based on convictions and attitudes. How does moral consumption work? How do we deal with it? Where will the new activism be in five years? – These and other questions will be discussed on the 16th European Trend Day. One of the speakers is Fairphone’s founder Bas van Abel! Tickets are still available – form more information Visit website
    • Bas

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