Reuse and recycling starts with you!

Do you own one of the 1.6 billion unused phones shoved into the far corners of drawers and closets? These forgotten mobile phones are packed with valuable materials that can be used again and again. So dig them out and start recycling! With just a little bit of effort, you can help make the electronics industry more sustainable. Get a free shipping label below, send us your previous mobile phone(s) and receive a €45 discount on the Fairphone 2. You can use the discount code yourself, or pass it along to a friend!

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Request a Shipping Label

Phone Details

If it's old / heavily damaged we'll recommend you local options for reselling, donating or recycling your phone.

*You can find this by calling *#06# or it'll be:
  • on the back / side/ inside of the phone
  • underneath the battery
  • on the original phone packaging

Your Details

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Keeping your data safe

Our DEKRA-certified partner removes all personal data from your phone. For peace of mind, you may wish to delete the data yourself before sending in your phone.

Supporting Fairphone’s mission
Recycling your phone is a great way to show you care about fairer electronics. Any revenue we receive from your old phones we use to support this recycling program and all our other social and environmental projects.

Note: This program is only for complete phones. If you want to return a module, go back to the top and select “Fairphone modules”.

Print, package and send

    Download your label

    Your shipping label & instructions have also been sent to

    Here’s how to send in your old phone to make sure it’s safely reused or recycled:

    1) Prepare

    • Gather your phone and any accessories you can find.
    • Leave the battery inside your phone. (Don’t include them if they’re bloated or swelling!)
    • Remove your SIM card and/or memory card and erase your personal data. (Our recycling partner will wipe the data from your phone, but to be safe, you may want to do a factory reset by yourself first.)

    2) Package

    • Wrap the phone and accessories securely in tissue paper or bubble wrap.
    • Place everything in a sturdy box (a shoebox or the original product box should do). If necessary, add more newspaper or bubble wrap to keep things from sliding around.
    • Print attached shipping label and tape it to your box.

    3) Send

    That’s it! Thanks for supporting safe recycling and helping Fairphone extend the lifespan of mobile phones.

    Local Options

      Based on the specifications of your phone, it appears that the cost of shipping is greater than the value that the phone would bring to our recycling program. So we recommend that you recycle your phone locally.

      At the right, you’ll see some suggested options for selling or donating your phone for safe recycling. Besides these options, most electronics and mobile phone stores have a free recycling drop-off point.

      However, if you can’t find any suitable options where you live, we will still accept your old phone for our recycling program.

      Send your old modules to Fairphone

      Don’t throw your used modules* away! Send them to our office so we can refurbish or recycle them, and keep precious materials out of the trash.

      *Modules only, please. For safety reasons you need to recycle the batteries locally.

      How to send your module(s):
      1) Pack your module(s) for shipment. Use the original packaging if possible.
      2) Send it to the address at the right.
      3) Ship it with your preferred delivery service. (Please note we cannot cover shipping costs.)


      Fairphone Module Recycling
      Jollemanhof 17
      1019 GW Amsterdam
      The Netherlands

      Together we can change the way products are made