Recycle your previous phone with us

Get cash back on your Fairphone 3

Phones are small devices, but forgotten ones are a big problem. With your help, we can change that, and show the way toward a truly circular economy. 

Many people think they’ll keep their previous phone as a back-up; in reality, those phones are rarely used again. Be a hero  — give your previous phone or its materials a second life.

What you can get for recycling

  • €20 for any other phone

    €20 for any other phone

    You can return any phone that can be turned on. As a thank-you, we’ll give you a 20 euro refund on your Fairphone 3 order.

  • €40 for Fairphone 1 or 2

    €40 for Fairphone 1 or 2

    If you are returning a Fairphone 1 or 2, we’ll give you an extra thank-you for sticking with us.


We’ll send your thank-you refund back in 2-4 weeks once you’ve sent your phone.

Unfortunately, our recycling program does not apply to Norway and Switzerland.

How it works


Fill in the short form and get a free shipping label


Ship your phone from the post office


Once sent, your refund arrives in 2 - 4 weeks


Celebrate, you're a hero!

Ready to go?

We recommend sending your previous phone when you have everything set up on your new Fairphone 3. Please also make sure your phone can be turned on!

Add your previous phone’s information

Please enter the IMEI number of the phone you want to send us. You can display this number by calling *#06# on your phone, or you can find it under the battery or on the original box.

Fairphone 3 order number

You can either find this in your email inbox or by logging in to your Fairphone account at the top of the page. If you don’t have a Fairphone 3 order, you can still recycle with us, just skip this step.

The order numbers should start with FP and be 11 or 12 characters long

Your details

These are needed to generate a free-shipping label.

Hm, we can't recognize your IMEI, try again please

  • MzU5Njk0MDU=
  • MzU3MTk3MDY=
  • MzU0NjQxMDY=

Your data is safe

Our DEKRA-certified partner removes all personal data from your phone immediately upon arrival. Rest easy – your data gets certifiably wiped.

Help us reach our goal

Achieved so far: 1376 phones
Target 2019: 4000 phones

Contribute to develop recycling

We work with our partners Closing the Loop and Recell Ghana to ship e-waste from Africa to Europe for safe recycling. If you send us a phone that can be reused, the revenue beyond costs, if any, goes to financing those projects.

Print, package and send

    Download your label

    Your shipping label & instructions have also been sent to

    Here’s how to send in your previous phone to make sure it’s safely reused or recycled:


    • Important note! Remove your SIM card and/or memory card and remove any pin code or password that prevents accessing the phone.
    • You can fully erase your data by performing a reset of your phone. But rest assured we will will wipe the data from your phone, even if you don’t.


    • Wrap the phone securely in newspaper or bubble wrap.
    • Do you have other (older) devices? You can include them in the box now to further reduce e-waste.
    • Place everything in a sturdy box (a shoebox or the original product box should do). If necessary, add some more newspaper or bubble wrap to keep things from sliding around.
    • Print the free-shipping label and tape it to your box.


    • Drop off your package at your nearest post office. See details on the free-shipping label.
    • Now, pat yourself on the back. You’ve become part of the solution.

    Receiving your cash back

    From the moment you drop your phone off it usually takes between 2 – 4 weeks for the phone to be delivered, processed and the thank-you refund sent. It will go to the same payment method you used to order your Fairphone 3 (e.g. Bank account, Paypal, Credit Card…). You will receive an email to confirm your refund has been sent.

    Thank you for being someone who makes time to recycle! You’re at the vanguard of the circular economy!

    Local Options

      Based on the specifications of your phone, it appears that the cost of shipping is greater than the value that the phone would bring to our recycling program. So we recommend that you recycle your phone locally.

      At the right, you’ll see some suggested options for selling or donating your phone for safe recycling. Besides these options, most electronics and mobile phone stores have a free recycling drop-off point.

      However, if you can’t find any suitable options where you live, we will still accept your old phone for our recycling program.

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