Recycle your old phone(s)

The more we reuse and recycle, the less we need to mine and manufacture.

How does it work?

Apply for your free shipping label

Pack your phone(s) safely in a box

Drop it in the mail, wait 6 - 8 weeks

You receive an email from us and that's it!

Unfortunately, we are unable to provide shipping labels for Norway and Switzerland.

Your reward?

A clear conscience and less clutter

Send up to three phones at a time! Get started by applying for your free shipping label.

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Own a Fairphone 1 or 2?

Get cash back when you order the Fairphone 3 or Fairphone 3+ from our online shop

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    € 20 for a Fairphone 1

    UK customers get £18

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    € 40 for a Fairphone 2

    UK customers get £36


Limited to one cash back per Fairphone 3 or Fairphone 3+. Terms and Conditions

We want to end the cycle of wasting valuable resources.

Nearly 50 million tons of e-waste is produced every year - that's more than 6 kilograms for every person on the planet.

Help us reach our goal!

We’ve got ambitious plans for reducing e-waste. Help us reach our target of collecting 20,000 phones in 2020.

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We make and sell phones. We take recycling seriously.

Find out what happens to your phones once they reach our recycling partner.

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55% get a new life

Phones that are still usable first get their data scrubbed. Then they’re refurbished and sold through a trusted partner so that someone else can enjoy them.

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45% are safely recycled

Phones that are no longer functional go to a European recycling facility where they’re processed to recover the valuable resources inside.

Together, we can help cut down e-waste

Find an old phone you’re not using, and send it our way.

Get your free shipping label

Your data is safe!

Rest easy – our DEKRA-certified partner removes all personal data from your phone as soon as they receive it.

Other useful information can be found in the FAQs below.

We’re here to help

If you haven’t received your shipping label or have more questions about the process, please contact a member of our friendly support team.

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Frequently asked questions

  • Can I send more than one phone?

    Yes please! The more phones you send the better, but be wary that your post office may have restrictions on the amounts. For the countries we are active in, you should be able to send up to 5 phones. Make sure to enter the IMEI number of the newest device; the other devices will be scanned upon arrival at our recycling partner.

  • I don’t want to order a Fairphone 3 or Fairphone 3+, can I still recycle?

    Yes, this is possible. Simply fill in your information and leave the ‘Fairphone 3 or Fairphone 3+ order number’ field empty. Currently, we cannot offer any cash back or discounts for the phones you send but we hope you choose to recycle with us. We will still check if your phone/s can be reused or recycled for their important materials.

  • My phone does not turn on, what happens next?

    If this is the case, there is no guarantee that our systems will be able to check your phone’s IMEI number which we use to identify the brand and model. For some cases, we are still able to retrieve and check the IMEI number. If we are able to do this and you have added a Fairphone 3 order number, we can process your cash back. If we are unable to retrieve the IMEI, unfortunately we cannot automatically process your cash back. Please contact our support team and have the same shipping label you used for us to be able to find your order and process your cash back manually.

  • Why is the IMEI number not recognized?

    This may happen sometimes for very niche brands. If that is the case we are unfortunately unable to accept your phone, but please recycle it locally. Check the website of your municipality for the best way to recycle electronics locally.

  • Can I send other old electronics to be recycled?

    As long as we can define them as mobile phones, yes! Please do not send any other electronics. Check the website of your municipality for the best way to recycle electronics locally.

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