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Fairphone's new Reuse and Recycle Program

Reusing and recycling our old phones plays an important role in saving valuable resources and lowering our environmental footprint. So in 2021, we doubled down on supporting you to give your old phones a new life.

Thank you for your support in 2020!

We’ve got ambitious plans for reducing e-waste. Together, we managed to recycle over 17.000 phones last year. To learn more about all things e-waste and recycling, head over to our impact page >>

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We want to end the cycle of wasting valuable resources.

Nearly 50 million tons of e-waste is produced every year - that's more than 6 kilograms for every person on the planet.


We make and sell phones. We take recycling seriously.

Find out what happens to your phones once they reach our recycling partner.

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55% get a new life

Phones that are still usable first get their data scrubbed. Then they’re refurbished and sold through a trusted partner so that someone else can enjoy them.

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45% are safely recycled

Phones that are no longer functional go to a European recycling facility where they’re processed to recover the valuable resources inside.

Together we can change the way products are made

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