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Mapping the journey of your Fairphone

Before you can improve the electronics supply chain, you have to understand how it works. Step by step, we’re uncovering the materials, suppliers and locations that play a role in making the Fairphone 4. Because the more we know, the better we can identify and implement positive changes.

Fairphone list of suppliers

To gain a deeper understanding of the complex, often opaque consumer electronics supply chain, we’re mapping all the different materials, suppliers and manufacturing locations involved in creating our phone. In addition to our first-tier assembly manufacturer, we have now mapped all second-tier component suppliers, and are progressively researching third and fourth-tier suppliers. Besides increasing transparency, we’re using this information to engage with individual suppliers, establish relationships and pioneer innovative solutions in our impact areas…

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Explore the Fairphone 4 supply chain with our interactive map

The map below is a visual representation of the path that the components in the Fairphone 4 take – from the mines and the factories all the way to you. It includes all the suppliers that we know of to date, as well as some of the mines sites and smelters we work closely with through specific sourcing programs.

We created this interactive map using an open supply chain mapping program called Sourcemap. Zoom in, click on specific point and learn more about our suppliers. You can also type “gold” or “tungsten” into the search box to reveal the supply chain of individual minerals. (For a full-screen view, you can also access our map on the Open Sourcemap website.)


This map reflects the suppliers currently providing components or materials for the Fairphone 4. Inclusion on the list does not imply that these manufacturers are ‘“fairer” than their competitors, or that Fairphone has a direct relationship with these companies and is influencing their business practices. Fairphone aims to ensure the information on this map is as accurate as possible but errors and anomalies can occur. Accordingly, we cannot guarantee that the map is completely accurate. We will, however, review and update the data on this map to the best of our abilities. We also reserve the right to remove supplier factories from the map at any time should we suspend or cease trading with a supplier for a particular reason.

When you have a query or want to file a grievance against specific supplier information disclosed on this page, please contact

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