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Camera upgrades for your Fairphone 3

Discover the greener way to get new features

Beautiful pictures, wherever you are

48MP rear camera and 16MP selfie camera deliver all-round better quality for both photos and videos

Supersized sensor for smarter photos

Thanks to pixel binning technology, our new high-definition 48-megapixel sensor is always ready – even for low-light scenes.

Here, four pixels are combined to form one large superpixel that captures four times more light while being friendly to your phone’s storage (equalling 12-megapixel photos).

Faster autofocus and shutter speed

Optimized for the Fairphone processor with zero shutter lag. Never miss the perfect moment again; this camera is ready when you are.

Higher definition video with boosted audio

The camera doesn’t just improve general image quality: enhanced object tracking, image stabilization and crisp audio recording also give real-life definition to your videos.

Selfies get double the detail

A 16MP sensor means you’ll have sharper selfies and clearer video calls.

Swapping is sustainable

The longer you keep your phone, the lower its CO2 footprint

You don’t need a new phone to experience a new camera. Upgrading means you can save up to 90% emissions, compared to buying a new device. Enjoy higher quality images, while keeping your phone!

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  • Fairphone 3 Camera+ Module (48MP)


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  • Fairphone 3 Top+ Module (16MP)


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All you need is a screwdriver

Upgrading is easy

Update your Fairphone to Android 10

Turn off your phone and unscrew the parts

Install your new modules and turn on

Start enjoying your new cameras!

Ready to swap modules?

Watch how-to video

Or read the step-by-step guide on our website.

Recycling your old modules

Read instructions

As part of a pilot project, you can send back your old Fairphone 3 modules to help reduce e-waste – it doesn’t matter if they’re working or broken.

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