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Support your employees and the planet by choosing Fairphone for your business.

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Fairphone 4 is not only fair: it is a secure device, meeting Google’s strict requirements to provide businesses with the best and most secure mobile experience.

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Why Fairphone for your business?

Yes, choosing Fairphone is a great step towards helping the planet and people – but it also helps your business.

  • Save time and money
    Thanks to our modular design, our smartphones last much longer than a non-modular smartphone. Additionally, the repair costs are much less than standard smartphones.
  • Meet your CSR goal
    Become a champion of sustainability, by making a positive impact on issues directly linked to 9 of the UN Sustainable Development Goals.
  • Be supported beyond industry standards
    The proposition we offer to companies beyond our fair specs include: a 5 year warranty with spare parts available on the long term, electronic waste compensation & recycling (buy-back), long term software support and regular security and maintenance updates.

How is Fairphone fair?

Designed to last

Designed to last
World-leading modular and repairable design

Socially responsible

Socially responsible
Living wage bonus for factory workers

Fairly sourced & recycled materials

Fairly sourced & recycled materials
Made with up to 40% recycled plastics


Fairphone 4: Sustainable, long-lasting, fair

TCO Certified, sustainability has never been this powerful. The Fairphone 4 brings you 5G speed, with great battery life and a premium dual-camera – all backed by our 5-year warranty*.

* if bought before 31/12/2023, and warranty activated within 90 days via our Business Operations team at

Discover Fairphone 4

Fairphone 4 tech specifications

  • Operating system: Android™ 12*
  • Performance: Qualcomm Snapdragon 750G (SM7225)
  • Storage: 6GB/8GB RAM • 128GB/256GB internal storage
  • Battery: 3905 mAh removable Li-ion battery
  • Display: 6.3 inch Full HD+
  • Cameras: Dual 48MP rear cameras • F1.6 and 2.2 • 25MP selfie camera • F/2.2 • with HDR support
  • Wireless and location: Wi-Fi dual band (2.4 GHz + 5 GHz) • Bluetooth® 5.1 + LE • NFC for card payments & more
  • Network: Dual SIM, both 5G enabled
  • Connectors and sensors: USB Type – C • Fingerprint scanner
  • Media and audio: USB Type C
  • Variants: 6GB RAM and 128 GB internal storage, available in grey • 8GB RAM and 256 GB internal storage,available in grey and green

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Longevity promise

We believe in a smartphone that lasts. That’s why we:

  • Offer software support guaranteed until Dec 2025 with the Fairphone 4, aiming to support until at least October 2026
  • Offer a 5 year warranty with Fairphone 4
  • Provide regular security and maintenance updates. Updates are provided: monthly for the first 2 years, bi-monthly for the 3rd year, and quarterly in years 4 and 5 (until at least October 2026)
  • Guarantee the availability of spare parts for years to come


Our sustainability contributions

It’s common that businesses and institutions’ sustainability contributions are intangible and hard to quantify. Often, they’re determined by inaction rather than action.

Fairphone makes a positive impact on issues directly linked to 9 of the UN Sustainable Development Goals. By choosing Fairphone for your business, you too make a conscious decision to contribute to the globally recognised UN Sustainable Development Goals. Using a Fairphone as your company phone sends an unmistakable signal about your values, as an individual and as an employer.

Download our impact report to find out the tangible sustainability contributions that Fairphone delivers.

Download our Impact Report 2021

Fairphone helps you meet socially responsible goals

B-Corporation certified

We’re proud to be B-Corp certified, joining a community of companies using business to address social and environmental issues.

EcoVadis platinum medal

We’re one of the most sustainability-focused companies in the mobile technology sector with a platinum Ecovadis medal, putting us in the top 1% of our industry.

Safe recycling

To meet our recycling targets, we are working with Closing the Loop, collecting used phones from landfill in Africa and recycling them safely in Europe (65,000 phones in 2020).

Fairtrade gold integrated

The materials that go into your phone have an impact on people and the planet. Using responsibly sourced materials, we are the first and only smartphone company to integrate Fairtrade gold in its supply chain.

Living wage bonuses

Fairphone pioneered the first living wage program in the electronics industry: we pay factory workers a bonus for each phone produced. This results in a 30% increase if you earn the minimum wage.

Fair Cobalt Alliance

In 2020, we partnered with the Impact Facility to create the Fair Cobalt Alliance, recently joined by big brands like Tesla.

Easy repairs save you time and money

According to insurance statistics, screen damage accounts for 67.4% of phone repairs, with battery problems coming in at 33.9%. Fairphone’s modular design minimizes both repair costs and downtime for both of these problems and more. Your employees can replace their screen or battery and be back to full functionality in just ten minutes using nothing but a screwdriver. At a fraction of the cost of non-modular phones.

Because our phones are modular, you can expect a Fairphone to last well beyond the industry average of 2.5 years. When you extend the life of your phone by swapping a part, it results in a drastically reduced environmental footprint for the planet, and big savings for you.

Our repairability certifications

iFixit score: 10 out of 10

We offer the only smartphone in the world to be awarded a perfect score for repairable design.

Indice de Réparabilité: 9.3 out of 10

Fairphone 4 has been awarded a score of 9.3/10, our highest score yet.

A trusted phone that you can rely on, at your workplace

Vodafone Germany underlines their commitment for a better world by offering the Fairphone 3+ in their portfolio of company devices. Vodafone gives every employee the option to choose for carrying a piece of sustainability in their pocket. We followed two changemakers at the Vodafone headquarters in Düsseldorf through their office day with their Fairphone 3+.

Customer references

The Fairphone 3+ is reliable and has excellent performances that meet the needs of our staff, and it does with a total respect of people and the environment along the supply chain: it's perfect!

Fairtrade Italy

Paolo Pastore, Executive Director

Everyone in our organisation can make a small contribution by having the world's most sustainable smartphone in their pocket. I don't think there's a better message you can send about how seriously you take the issue [of sustainability].

Vodafone Germany

Ryan Holowka, Head of Sustainability

We recommend Fairphone because of the fair specs, this fits our goal as a company to work only for and with brands who make the world a nicer place.


Marnix Marsman and Matthijs Reerink, Business Owners

Conscious companies are leading the sustainability transformation and take responsibility to act as a role model for others to join the journey towards a safe tomorrow for our next generations - together with partners like Fairphone.

Siemens AG

Dilek Mutlu-Kowalski, Sustainability Leader SCM IT

This startup is radically changing how smartphones are built.

Fast Company

Attract and retain employees

Offering your employees a Fairphone gives them a chance to carry a personal sustainability statement. One that broadcasts that both of you dare to care about human rights and the environment at every meeting and event they attend.

Research on this topic shows increased productivity, staff satisfaction and staff retention for companies that are perceived as socially responsible. Millennials and Generation Z are particularly sustainability-minded, with studies indicating that they are willing to make bold decisions, especially if the outcome will have a positive social or environmental impact. The Fairphone logo displayed on their phone is a constant reminder that you care about your employees’ collective future.

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