Fairphone for your business

The perfect match for your company’s values

Fairphone for your business

–  Fair and recycled materials

–  Fast, safe and reliable

–  Modular, repairable design

–  Removable long-life battery

–  Committed to fairness

Showcase your company values

Fairphone 3 is the phone that cares: make your company a champion of sustainability by providing employees with a secure, ethical phone that reflects your company’s values.
We use responsibly sourced materials and are the first and only smartphone company to be Fairtrade gold certified. We continuously work to prevent child labor and improve working conditions within our supply chain. We advocate for reuse, recycling and being kinder to our planet.

With the Fairphone 3, employees can proudly showcase your companies’ values to the outside world.

Minimize downtime, maximize productivity

The total cost of ownership (TCO) goes beyond the purchase price of a phone. The Fairphone 3’s modular design makes it the ideal business phone, minimizing both repair costs and downtime. The Fairphone 3’s display, for example, can be replaced within minutes, for just a fraction of the cost compared to a non-modular smartphone.

The battery will last through your business day on a single charge, and you can quickly replace it with a freshly charged battery if needed. With the Fairphone 3, employees can have a productive workday, even while traveling.


Keep your data safe

To keep your device safe, we will provide security updates every quarter, and at least one major update to the next version of Android™.

How to buy

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