Refurbished phones give valuable resources a new life


Great news! There’s still a chance to get your hands on a Fairphone 2. We’re now selling a limited number of refurbished Fairphone 2s, which we call the Fairphone 2: New Life Edition. These phones have the same high-quality standards as a brand new Fairphone 2 and the same two-year warranty — but a lower price. So besides the price, what makes a refurbished phone different from a new one? And why do we think it’s so important to sell refurbished phones?

Fairphone 2’s refurbishing journey

Reducing the environmental impact of a smartphone is one of our key business goals. For us, that starts by extending the lifespan of our phone at the first stage of its lifecycle. For example, we use modular design to make repairs and upgrades easy for the first user. But even then, not all phones manage to reach the 3 to 5-year lifespan we aim for.

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A small percentage of phones is returned to us because of technical failures or cosmetic damage, which may occur during transport, for example. In order to still get the most out of the valuable materials in these used phones, a selection of them goes back to the factory. There they are refurbished (damaged parts are replaced with new parts), tested again to ensure quality and restored to their original condition. These aren’t just “second hand” phones; they’re as good as new.


Each factory-refurbished Fairphone 2 undergoes full functionality testing
and performs just like new.

By refurbishing used phones at our factory in China, we make the most of the resources we already have. It saves on emissions (most of which are created during the initial production process) and retains the value of the resources in these phones — which makes refurbishing more environmentally friendly than producing a brand new device again — even if this involves additional shipping.

The Fairphone 2: New Life Edition includes:

  • The same high quality standards as a brand new Fairphone 2
  • The same two-year warranty as a brand new Fairphone 2
  • A brand new battery
  • Our latest software updates
  • A reduced price of €299 from €399

Modular design makes a real difference

The Fairphone 2’s modular design offers major benefits at every stage of its life. During the refurbishing process, it makes the phone easier to open and disassemble, saving time and reducing complexity when it comes to replacing parts. And modularity means you can also do repairs yourself to keep your phone in great condition for longer. Finally, it increases yields and efficiency during the recycling processes, allowing us to reuse the materials again and again.


Fairphone 2’s modular design opens up the story behind the phone’s parts –
and it simplifies the refurbishing process.

We’re pleased to be able to rescue some resources and offer you a high-quality, refurbished version of our modular phone. So, if you missed the opportunity to own a Fairphone 2 the first time around, this is your moment:

Buy a New Life Edition Fairphone 2 today

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