To the Fairphone community – Thank You!


This one goes out to all Fairphone owners, community members, followers, fanatics, critics and pledgers.

Here’s to all of you who have pushed the Fairphone journey forward. We owe every one of you an enormous thank you for believing that we could make a change. With you behind us, we’re ready to take the next step. So this one goes out to you.

Our gratitude to the hosts of these community meetups: Kwamecorp in London and Posteo Lab in Berlin.

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We are still busy developing the next Fairphone. Read about our own original design, further positive social impact, and independent business model on our blog.

Nice to meet you

We wanted to meet you. In our quest to put a real face to our Fairphone community, we packed our backpacks and hit the road to visit London, Berlin and Amsterdam. In March we held an open event in each city inviting the community to come chat over drinks and snacks. We were excited to get to know you and curious to hear what Fairphone means to you. We also want to take this opportunity to thank our hosts for their hospitality – Kwamecorp in London and Posteo Lab in Berlin!


Berlin meetup in Posteo Lab on Wednesday, 18 March.


So far, we have over 35,000 people subscribed to the interest list for the next Fairphone. For all you Fairphone owners, remind your friends and family to subscribe today.

Over the next month, we will begin announcing information about the sales of the next Fairphone. Subscribers to our interest list will be the first to be notified of sales information. In 2015 we will still only be shipping within Europe, but we’re looking into expanding to other countries in 2016.

We’ve got an exciting few months ahead of us. For now, we want to say once again – thank you!

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