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Long-Lasting Design

Fairphone T-Shirt Design Challenge

Long-Lasting Design

Fairphone is going to have a good ol’ fashioned T-shirt design contest!

We are gearing up for our pre-orders period in May – with a huge blast of events and buzz in the media – so we need T-shirts to give away to our fans and community members. We’ve been doing good work with our FairPhone logo T-shirts at events like the one in London – Kingston University’s Human Rights week.


Kingston University students supporting FairPhone during their Human Rights Festival

But we wanted to mix up the design a bit – so we thought,

How about we get the talented, creative people in our community to help us make a shirt for this campaign?

Since pre-orders will begin in late May, we have a tight deadline, too. We need to hear from you guys by May 8.


  • Artwork can be a sketch, scan, or image
  • Best would be a high quality Illustrator file, or image file as a .png
  • Submit with full name, city/country, so you can be adequately credited
  • By submitting, your design will be placed under the Creative Commons copyright license (Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike)
  • Please e-mail submissions to Joe, either at joe[at] OR info[at]
  • DEADLINE: Wednesday, May 8

Design Guidelines:

  • 1 or 2 colors, we’ve used blue and white in the past but we don’t want to limit you!
  • Artwork Size: ~640 x 480 pixels
  • Print design can be larger ~900×900 px

 We will display all designs in a Facebook album, so your work can be shared to the public. The “winning” design or designs will get a free T-shirt for them and their friends, recognized on our blog and social media, and of course, have your design on the backs of the entire FairPhone team and all our supporters across the globe!

We can’t wait to see what kind of designs you’ll come up with, but we will have to pick a winner. On our Facebook page, we’ll allow our community to Vote on the designs, so the design with the most “Likes” will be chosen.

Hope you’ll accept the challenge!

Top photo provided by Nancy Smith from Kingston University London

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