Long-Lasting Design

Repairing the Fairphone 4

Long-Lasting Design

Getting stuck carrying out repairs on your Fairphone 4? Here’s a list of easy-to-follow DIY repair videos to get your Fairphone 4 back online at a 100% in a few minutes. The Fairphone 4 is sustainable, long-lasting, and fair. It’s sustainable because of how it’s made and what’s inside. It’s long-lasting because of its modular design, extended window of hardware and software support, and its industry-leading warranty period. Both of this put together is why it is fair as well. Fair to the people making it, fair to the people using it, and fair to the planet as well.

Let’s talk cameras on the Fairphone 4. The device ships with a dual camera 48 MP system and a 25MP selfie camera that is more than capable of capturing your special moments. In high-definition detail and ultra-wide if you would like. With a night mode specifically designed for dim light and 4K recording capabilities, the Fairphone 4 has got one of our best shooter systems yet.

Sometimes, it’s a reception problem. Other times, it could be your earpiece isn’t working like it used to. It’s a tiny part, but the earpiece is crucial for better telephony. Quickly swap out a busted earpiece for a brand new one in seconds, and your callers will hear the difference. No more yelling, “Can you hear me now?!”

The Fairphone 4’s display comes with built-in drop and scratch resistance, making it less likely to take damage from an errant fall. Having said that, accidents happen, and if one does, you can pick up a replacement from our web shop immediately. Choose from gray or green, depending on your phone color, and give your phone a proper glow-up.

Your Fairphone 4 can go really LOUD, provided your loudspeaker is firing on all cylinders. Quickly swap out a broken loudspeaker with a new one and get ready to raise the roof with your Fairphone 4.

From charging your phone to transferring your data to doubling up as a headphone jack, the USB-C port is a critical part of your Fairphone experience. It is also a part that can take a lot of damage in an unexpected fall, severely hampering your device’s overall performance. Slot in a new one in moments, following the steps in this video.

For those of you looking to switch over to Fairphone, the Fairphone 4 is the perfect entry point given its lower price point. Even better is the refurbished Fairphone 4 New Life Edition. The almost-new device is a much better option for both the planet and your wallet. That’s why we say it is better than new.

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