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8 Tips To Keep Your Phone Running Like New

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We’re halfway through Longevity Month, and we thought this would be the ideal time to drop some knowledge on how to make your phone last longer. Not just Fairphones, but any device. Of course, there are a few tips here or there that only apply to Fairphones, since we’re (still) the only ones making modular phones that are easy to repair at home. Taking apart your iPhone or Samsung for a deep clean could lead to a voided warranty and, possibly, a dead phone. Having said that, a lot of these tips work across smartphone brands and models. A little TLC goes a long way in keeping your phone running like the day you bought it. Who doesn’t need a little pampering from time to time?

KEEP IT CLEAN: This is, by far, the most straightforward thing you can do for your smartphone. Make sure you wipe it down inside and out from time to time to avoid dust build-up, which can interfere with your phone’s performance. Fairphone users can take it one step further and disassemble the phone completely to make sure it is squeaky clean. When dust and dirt builds up on the display, inside the ports and around the speakers, it can interfere with touchscreen responsiveness to charging speed to overall sound quality.

STAY UPDATED: Always ensure your smartphone’s operating system and apps are up-to-date. Updates often include bug fixes and improvements that help with overall performance, stability and security.

TREAT YOUR BATTERY RIGHT: Going full power with your battery might seem like the ideal setting, especially if you have access to a charging point at all times. But it might not be that great for your battery in the long run. Adjust your device settings to optimize your battery usage. This can range from dimming your screen brightness, using battery-saving modes, and closing background apps from time to time

CHARGE YOUR BATTERY RIGHT: How you charge your battery is just as important as how you use it. Most phones today have an automatic cut-off when the battery reaches 100%. Hence, leaving your phone to charge overnight might not be as damaging as it used to be ten years ago. However, batteries tend to last longer if they stay between 20% and 80% of its capacity. And if you are leaving it to charge overnight, using a slower charger will help reduce heat build-up around the battery, thereby prolonging its life.

DOES IT SPARK JOY?: Make it a habit to do app inventory checks from time to time and delete apps you aren’t using. Similarly, back up your data off your smartphone from time to time, so that you can clear up space on your phone’s storage. The more apps and files your phone has, the harder your phone has to work. Eventually, much like humans, phones can also burn out from working too hard!

EMPTY THOSE CACHES: Sometimes, all it takes is a simple cookie and cache clean-up to speed up your phone. Make sure to clear these out from time to time, so that your device isn’t bogged down by data from a website you visited a year ago.

NOT TOO HOT, NOT TOO COLD : Again, much like humans, smartphones and their batteries do not thrive in extreme hot or cold conditions. Avoid leaving your phone in direct sunlight or out in the freezing winter.

TIME TO SUIT UP: Accidents happen. Your phone might slip out of your hand when you pick it up. Or it might fall out of your pocket when you’re on your bike. Your dog might decide they want to take a selfie all by themselves. That’s why it is important to invest in accessories designed to keep your phone safe. A durable protective case is perfect to cushion your phone from a nasty fall. And a high-quality screen protector can make sure your display doesn’t get any unwanted scratches and stays protected. Fortunately, for Fairphone users, we make the best protective phone cases and screen protectors for our devices!

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