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The Fairphone 4 is going to save lives

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Did you know that 830 women die from preventable causes related to pregnancy on a daily basis? 99% of these deaths happen in developing countries because of a lack of access to ultrasound technology. Ultrasound scans can help reduce pregnancy risks by assessing gestational age, identifying multiple fetuses, evaluating fetal orientation and presentation, and pinpointing placenta location, critical factors in ensuring a healthy pregnancy. With access to ultrasounds, over 90% of these fatalities can be avoided.

Enter BabyChecker. Created by Delft Imaging, BabyChecker is an AI-enabled app that aims to bridge this gap. With just six sweeps across the abdomen using a specialised probe connected via USB, BabyChecker can run ultrasound scans off mobile devices. Its intuitive design makes for an extremely short learning curve; users can master it in an hour’s time max. This makes it ideal for mass deployment, especially in rural areas with limited access to full-fledged medical facilities.

So how does Fairphone factor into all of this? We’re very proud to announce that we will be tying up with BabyChecker and providing them with a suite of Fairphone 4s to be used as one of their devices in the field. We weren’t kidding when we said the Fairphone 4 is going to be saving lives. 

Interestingly, both Delft Imaging and Fairphone are B-Corp-certified companies within the Dutch tech sector. B-Corps are essentially companies that don’t just say they do good; they have to be able to back up those claims with tangible data. So when two B-Corps come together, that positive impact is amplified in all the right ways. In a recent interview with B-Corp, Katyayini Singh of Delft Imaging said, “Our shared goal is to promote sustainable and accessible maternal healthcare in developing countries because we firmly believe that innovation, combined with sustainability, is the key to creating a long-lasting impact in healthcare. Through this partnership, we provide community health workers with a durable and easily repairable Fairphone, integrated with an AI-powered app and a probe. In the field, where durability and ease of repair are needed, the Fairphone stands out. Its design and capabilities perfectly suit the demanding environment of those conducting ultrasounds.”

She’s not wrong about the Fairphone 4’s durability and easy repairability. Even after two years on the market, the Fairphone 4 still stands ahead of its competition in terms of modularity and long-lasting design. It’s the reason we are so proud of the refurbished Fairphone 4 New Life Edition. It’s better than new. Read more about the Fairphone 4 New Life Edition here.


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