Good Business

It’s time to define the new “new”

Good Business

Most things we need and don’t need, are right at our fingertips. However, even though tech is constantly innovating and becoming more powerful, something as basic as DIY-repair is missing in 2021! This is where Fairphone comes in: we are bringing the circular economy to the electronic industry. We want the industry to take notice and then take responsibility. We want people to educate themselves about the products they plan to buy. We know products don’t miraculously end up at the shop, but we don’t think twice about where they come from.

A time to listen

We are partnering up with the French company Back Market, which will begin to sell the FP3 and the FP3+ in their online marketplace. They typically sell refurbished products – this will be the first product they are selling as brand new!


In addition to this partnership, we recorded a new podcast with our host and product lead Miquel, Back Market cofounder Vianney Vaute, and Director of Services at FNAC/DARTY Group, Régis Koenig. You really don’t want to miss this episode. We dive deep into the systemic issues of the electronics industry, what makes us unique and why we are in the best position to disrupt the status quo from the inside in order to make it circular.

It’s all about repairability

…and recycling, dismantling, refurbishing, & traceability.

The design of our modular phone ensures it’s easier to repair, refurbish, recycle and dismantle, as well as making its components as fully traceable as possible – becoming a vehicle to spread a message of responsibility on the part of both producers and users. Our impact across the value chain is positively influencing mining, design, manufacturing and life cycle, all the while emphasizing the need for products that put ethical values in the spotlight.

Aside from the long-lasting design of the Fairphone, the reuse and recycle programs we lead and the pilot of new business models like Fairphone as a Service, bring to life our focus on the circular economy.

How we’re doing it

Many in the electronic industry approach materials sourcing using a top-down method, which might tackle the non-use of conflict materials, but does not necessarily take into account alternative, proactive methods that could contribute to a fair and circular economy. We have literally flipped this on its head and use a bottom-up approach. This allows us to be driven by our quest to identify and use initiatives, companies or organizations that use innovative and ethical ways of doing things and try and bring them into our production system.


By identifying and linking those innovative and ethical suppliers and sub-suppliers, we are able to learn from and dive deeper into the supply chain. This allows us to pinpoint the issues and solve them – we literally take apart the phone, identify each material and how it got there. We use the principles of fair trade and adapt them to this far more complex and global industry. By pioneering and experimenting, Fairphone aims to shake up traditional business models.

If not now, when?

We can’t keep carrying on business as usual. The future is dependent on cultivating positive relationships with businesses that take responsibility for their products and work toward a more circular and fair economy. Some may ask themselves, “why should I care?” Perhaps it’s time to flip that on its head and ask, “why shouldn’t I care?”

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