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Meet the changemakers: Tolt

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We’re on a journey to change the electronics industry – and we’re not alone. While the Fairphone is a physical expression of the possibility of change, it also happens to be a great storytelling device that connects us with inspiring changemakers from all over.
In this series, we want to shine a light on our Fairphone Ambassadors: A group of bright individuals that share our vision of a fairer future and contribute to sustainable change in their own meaningful way. Next up is Benjamin, also known as Tolt, a film director, and photographer.


Tolt with his Fairphone 2.

Tell us a bit about yourself and what you do.

I’m a Film Director and Photographer specialized in travel-related content. I’m the creator of the Don’t go to… series which aims at breaking stereotypes all over the world. But recently, my love of nature and outdoor experiences has pushed me to radically change the way I travel. That’s why I’ve decided to stop taking the plane and explore eco-friendly alternatives.

How did you first learn about Fairphone?

Like many of us, I had seen the Phonebloks campaign in 2013 and was quite disappointed to read it had finally been cancelled. And 5 years ago, when I stumbled upon a TV report in the news about Fairphone, I immediately reached out to them to see if I could help promote their concept.

Was there a turning point in your life that made you act/think more sustainably?

I don’t think so. I think it has been very progressive over the past 20 years even though my actions and decisions have dramatically escalated in the past 2 years. This is probably because we are more informed and have many more ways to educate ourselves on the topic. And also because we are finally listening to scientists saying how urgent it is to change the way we live.

What is something you’re super passionate about?

I wouldn’t say I’m passionate about climate and environmental issues but I must say it is constantly on my mind. In almost everything I do in my daily life, I cannot help thinking about the impact it has on the living world. It can be tiring sometimes because you can feel like you cannot do anything without having to think about it. But I would say it’s essential to question everything we consider as normal. Because in many cases it is not. It is actually killing the living world as we know it today. Other than that, I’m passionate about telling stories, through films of course, but also through pictures and shorter formats on social media.

What is something you can’t live without

I cannot live without discovering, whether it is new landscapes, new cultures or new people… But I recently realized you really don’t need to go that far for that. You actually learn and discover way more by travelling by train, foot etc. than taking a long flight to a touristic destination where everything has been standardized.

What is a tip you give people to live more sustainably?

The most efficient things you can do: cut out on meat, stop taking the plane and stop giving your money to big corporations that don’t understand the urgency of the challenge we’re facing. It might seem hard. It might seem like sacrificing your comfort. But to be honest, it has been a while since I’ve been this happy because this contradiction between my lifestyle and my deep concern about the environment had a huge impact on me, whether I liked it or not. And even though I still have many contradictions, I am really proud of these radical decisions (in 2018, 50% of my turnover relied on Airlines) as they are helping me reach inner peace.

Can you show us your 3 favorite photos taken on the Fairphone and tell us why?

1) With the Fairphone 2 In Whistler, Canada.


2) With the Fairphone 2 somewhere in the Algerian desert


These pictures were some of the first I shot with the Fairpone 2. I like them because they bring back some really nice memories.Those times were the beginning of my filmmaking adventures and it feels great to see the progress I’ve made since then.


3) Shot with my Fairphone 3 with upgraded Camera Modules during a recent trip to the East of France after heavy snowfall. A real breath of fresh air in these weird times.

How does Fairphone help you do what you do?

I usually have a fancy camera on me so I don’t use my Fairphone so much except for simple spontaneous photos and videos that are meant to be shared in my Instagram stories. But I do use my phone a lot (way too much if you ask me…) to exchange with my community on social media, to post content, to make some simple edits etc. If I can use the Fairphone 3 professionally, as a content creator, I don’t see why people who use it for personal needs would need more. We have to resist marketing and put an end to this “arms race”. Our main focus should be to reduce our environmental impact, not to be able to shoot 8K.

Do you have some insider tips for using the Fairphone 3?

A lot of passionate people from the Fairphone community give very valuable tips on the forum. This is a real goldmine!

You can follow Tolt on his Instagram page via @globetolter via Facebook on You can watch his Don’t go to… videos on his channel or watch more French videos on his French spoken For more on Tolt, and our other Fairphone Ambassadors, stay tuned to this blog or head on over to our community page.

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