• Sustainable Brands Madrid

    7 - 9 octobre 2018

    Sustainable Brands Madrid

    Sustainable Brands Madrid brings together brands, businesses and sustainability professionals from around the world to learn and share how they take advantage of sustainability, drive innovation and create value for their organisations. Fairphone's Bibi will be giving the keynote speech! Visit website
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  • Lush Showcase 2018

    23 - 24 septembre 2018

    Lush Showcase 2018

    At the Lush Showcase - what you see can’t be unseen. the sublime: a perfumed bazaar of impossible arts, the hurdy gurdy of the fair, a revolution in technicolour. The hostile: data harvesting, human rights injustices and mind-reading algorithms, the thought police hounding your privacy. This is where bath bombs launch campaigns and where creativity can set you free. Fairphone’s Miquel will be holding a keynote about e-waste! Tickets are still available! Visit website
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  • “Resource turnaround – challenges and opportunities for the environment and industry”

    10 septembre 2018

    “Resource turnaround – challenges and opportunities for the environment and industry”

    There has been a drastic increase in the use of natural resources, what challenges does this bring and what are opportunities for change? This is the theme of the Baden Wurttemberg Summer School Academy in Berlin. We are happy to announce that Bas will be giving the keynote and join a panel discussion. He will be talking about Fairphone and the challenges and obstacles we’ve faced. The Summer Academy is a event aimed privately at member of the German parliament who are in the "Engine room of the resource turnaround". Visit website
    • Bas
  • B Inspired at B Corps Summit

    21 juin 2018

    B Inspired at B Corps Summit

    Hear incredible stories from B Corp leaders and other global experts as they share how actions are building a B economy! They will be speaking alone and participating in a panel discussion. B Corps are for profit organisations certified by B Lab to meet rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency. Our very own Bas van Abel will be taking the stage together with Bernie Notenboom, arctic traveler and climate journalist, Chris Mann, CEO of Guayaki, Kresse Wesling, Co-Founder of Elvis & Kresse and Virginia Yanquilevich, CEO of Dopper. Visit website
    • Bas
  • Fairphone at Oxford University

    11 - 12 novembre 2017

    Fairphone at Oxford University

    This year Fairphone will be at Oxford University. Our Fairphone founding team member Bibi Bleekemolen will take part to the event contributing with a keynote. This is the right opportunity to learn about interestings topics in an interview-style session. The programme is called 'Emerge' and is focused on ‘what’s next’: the big ideas disrupting and challenging unjust systems and practices. At Emerge, you can explore new ideas, dig deeper into issues alongside experts, build skills, and immerse yourself in the innovations which are redefining our world. Come along to be inspired, to learn, and to start to create the change you seek! Visit website


    Skoll Centre - Saïd Business, Oxford University- Park End St, Oxford OX1 1HP, UK

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