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  • Afvalue – Green Challenge

    9 - 27 April 2018

    Afvalue – Green Challenge

    Got any old phone lying around collecting dust? Why not give them a new life and contribute to the Green Challenge 2018 at the Zuidas in Amsterdam. Green Business Club has organised an event where people can donate their old clothes and old mobile phones! You can donate your old items at different locations throughout the Zuidas. You can go to the ITO tower on Gustav Mahlerplein 28, to CIRCL on Gustav Mahlerplein 66A and to the Vrije Universiteit at De Boelelaan 1105 both in Amsterdam. The event will go from April 9 until April 27. For every phone donated the NGO Closing the Loop will recover a phone from Africa and you will receive a voucher for €40 discount on the Fairphone 2! So, what are you waiting for! Join the Green Challenge and give your old clothes and phones a new life by donating them today. Visit website
  • Fairphone in film – Zeit Für Utopien!

    19 April - 1 May 2018

    Fairphone in film – Zeit Für Utopien!

    Fairphone is showcased in a new documentary and we couldn’t be happier! In multiple cities of Germany, Austria and Switzerland you can now watch the Zeit Für Utopien (Time For Utopia). A documentary that shows positive examples of how companies and individuals are trying to work towards a more sustainable future. See how 1.5 million people can be supplied with fresh organic regional food, how urban living is possible with a fracture of the energy that is currently consumed per person, how a tea factory that used to belong to unilever now functions whilst self governing and how a phone can be produced fairly. Please visit the website to find out where is the closest event near you! Visit website
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  • Project Makers Unite Final Presentation

    9 May 2018

    Project Makers Unite Final Presentation

    How can we get more people to recycle their phones? That is the business challenge we gave the Makers Unite Crew and the 10 participants on April 18th. Makers Unite is an organisation that designs social inclusion programs based on collaboratively creating sustainable products. Aiming to provide its participants with real experience, a network into the Dutch labor market whilst they discover their talents, ambitions and creative confidence. On May 9th they will present their solutions, this presentation is open to the public. We’re excited to see what they came up with, see you there! Visit website
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  • SalburuKo Alternatibaren Azoka

    13 May 2018

    SalburuKo Alternatibaren Azoka

    Calling on all fair trade lovers close to the Basque Country or ones that don’t mind the commute! Fairphone will take part in the SalburuKo Alternatibaren Azoka in Salburua, Vitoria-Gasteiz on the 13th of May. The event takes place at Paseo Estrasburgo Ibilbidea from 11AM - 2PM A community volunteer will be representing Fairphone and showing off the Fairphone 2, you can find him at the ALBOAN booth! Among Fairphone there will be many other fair trade initiatives exhibited. Come by on World Fair Trade day and learn more about reusability, fair trade, slow food, Fairphone and much more! Visit website
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  • Aachener Fairphone Stammtisch / Fairphone Meetup Aachen

    24 May 2018

    Aachener Fairphone Stammtisch / Fairphone Meetup Aachen

    Fairphoners in Aachen are coming together on 24 May and you can join them! Want to meet other Fairphone? They will meet at 9pm at the Pfannenzauber on Suermondtplatz 12. At our regular's table there is no agenda. It consists of loose exchange and makes it possible to get to know each other. In addition, all Fairphone owners or those who are curious to buy one can meet and exchange ideas in Aachen and the Euregio Meuse-Rhine. None of us is an employee of Fairphone, we have only a Fairphone (FP1 or FP2), are curious to buy one or just want to know more about Fairphone. We look forward to our Stammtisch with you Visit website
  • Südwind Straßenfest

    26 May 2018

    Südwind Straßenfest

    For the second year in a row Fairphone can be found at the Sündwind Straßendfest in Vienna, Austria! The Festival takes place on May 26 from 14:00 -23:00. At the Sündwind Street Festival you can dance to live music for 9 hours long, have a look at over 60 NGOs that are presenting their work, go shopping at the eco-fair, attend workshops and eat foods from all over the world! Come find the Fairphone booth, manned by our devoted Fairphone community members and get more information and see what all the fuss is about! Visit website
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