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iFixit guest blog: Reshaping our relationship with mobile electronics

Editor’s Note: This is a guest feature from Dorothea Kessler, Communications Manager of iFixit Europe. iFixit is a global online repair community renowned for open source repair manuals and product teardowns. They awarded Fairphone 3 a perfect 10 out of 10 repairability score. What comes to your mind when thinking ...

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  • Scaling up Fairtrade gold sourcing in our supply chain

    Scaling up Fairtrade gold sourcing in our supply chain

    Every material in your smartphone has its own story to tell. Since Fairphone began, we’ve been helping to shed light on those stories, by mapping our supply chain, tracking what’s used in our products and making step-by-step improvements. Gold is one of our key focus materials – an essential, ...

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  • Fairphone 3 Launch Events: Behind the Scenes

    Fairphone 3 Launch Events: Behind the Scenes

    It’s finally sinking in: the Fairphone 3 is HERE. The long hours and sleepless nights have been worth it to see the phone that dares to care become a reality. The launch on August 27th wasn’t just about revealing our most ambitious phone yet; it was also a good, ...

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  • Launching Fairphone 3: Dare to care

    Launching Fairphone 3: Dare to care

    On behalf of an incredibly proud team, and the entire Fairphone community, I’m delighted to announce the launch of the Fairphone 3, our newest response to the growing demand for a more ethical, reliable and sustainable phone. This is the phone for all of us who dare to care about ...

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  • Partnering up for progress with Arima

    Partnering up for progress with Arima

    Does it matter if your phone is made by someone who is happy in their work? That they’re well paid? Have a voice? Work in healthy, safe conditions with opportunities to develop? We think so. So much so, in fact, that we’re willing to reward progress in worker satisfaction ...

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  • Creating a community

    Creating a community

    Many Fairphoners are essentially extensions of our enterprise, sharing knowledge outside of the immediate Fairphone community, solving technical issues for other users, or building operating systems. It’s the mission behind the phone that brings people into the community; it’s the future inspired by the phone that keeps them here. A ...

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  • Rethinking plastic waste

    Rethinking plastic waste

    Here at Fairphone, we envision a circular economy, where resources are used and reused in an infinite loop. So we’re examining every step of our phone’s life cycle and finding ways to make improvements. Sometimes the best ideas require you to think outside the box and that’s exactly what ...

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  • Urban mining: Digging for treasure in your old phone

    Urban mining: Digging for treasure in your old phone

    Whether your phone is a Fairphone or not, there’s no escaping the fact that all of our smartphones have a deep social and environmental impact. There are over 30 non-renewable minerals nestled behind that screen in your hand, each one with its own complicated history, from mine to factory ...

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  • First Line Support is Coming Home

    First Line Support is Coming Home

    When a Fairphone owner needs some help, I want the person who answers the call to be the customer’s champion. Someone with an empathetic ear and a passion for Fairphone’s mission. That’s why I’m excited to announce that we’re moving our first line customer support to the place it ...

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  • The most sustainable phone is the one you already own

    The most sustainable phone is the one you already own

    A phone’s biggest environmental impact comes from the manufacturing process. That’s why – whether it’s a Fairphone or something else – the most sustainable phone available is the one you already own. So the longer you keep it, the more sustainable it becomes. Extending the lifespan of existing phones ...

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