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  • 12. Aachener Fairphone-Stammtisch

    27 November 2018

    12. Aachener Fairphone-Stammtisch

    Keine Tagesordnung, sondern einfach lockerer Austausch und Kennenlernen für alle in & um Aachen, Maastricht, Lüttich, Heerlen, Eupen, Kelmis, Vaals und die Euregio Meuse-Rhine, die schon ein Fairphone haben, noch eins wollen, gerade auf eins warten oder einfach nur neugierig sind. Aachen Fairphoners warten auf euch Visit website
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  • #codenomore: WELCOME TO SODOM

    5 December 2018

    #codenomore: WELCOME TO SODOM

    Where do our old computers, cell phones and other technical devices end up if we do not dispose of them properly? What does the cycle of a mobile cell phone look like? Who takes care of the electronics we no longer use or repair? These are questions and topics that will be addressed in #codenofurther: WELCOME TO SODOM. Our own Lina will be there to talk about Fairphone and join a panel discussion about e-waste. Visit website
    • Lina
  • Social Design : Museum für Gestaltung Zurich

    5 October 2018 - 3 February 2019

    Social Design : Museum für Gestaltung Zurich

    The Social Design exhibition at the Museum für Gestaltung in Zurich confronts the increasing imbalance of resources, means of production and future opportunities and relies on a new, equitable exchange between individuals, civil society, the state and the economy. It showcases international projects and products which present redesigns of social systems and innovative changes. One of the products exhibited is a Fairphone! Visit website
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