Juntos estamos cambiando las cosas paso a paso


  • Transparencia

    Adoptamos una actitud transparente y franca que nos ayuda a entablar relaciones con valor real.

  • Creatividad

    Abordamos nuestros retos de forma creativa y encontramos soluciones factibles.

  • Colaboración

    Creemos en el poder de los equipos, los grupos y las comunidades cuando trabajan juntos.

  • Optimismo

    Vemos oportunidades en todas partes, sin ignorar los retos que plantean.

  • Cambio

    Nos hemos embarcado en una aventura. Cuestionamos el status quo y aceptamos el cambio.

Mira lo que dice nuestro equipo

Aside from working at Fairphone I am also a sound artist and run my own record label specialised in experimental electronic music and sound art. This occupies most of my time, but when I am not busy with either I am probably going through my music collection listening to new music and play with my two cats. Music is my life and what better way to enjoy music than listening with a cat on your lap ;-)


After Sales

I have a background in human rights, conflict studies and political science, which has driven me to see and work in many places in the world. These experiences all drive my passion for the ambitious goals of Fairphone - and make me happy to work crazy hours with this extremely motivated team!


Value Chain

By working here I believe I can balance new technologies, social responsibility, and longevity. This is an amazing opportunity and I am glad to be part of the family.


Software Development

I enjoy working with hippies who want to improve the world.


Distributors & Partners

Outside the office I love any kind of striking art, all the way from cinema to theatre. I love camping, riding my bike and enjoying the quietness of small places.


Co-founder, Product & Resource Efficiency Manager

Working for Fairphone gives me the feeling that positive changes are possible and happening.



Nuestro equipo

¿Te gusta lo que ves?


Juntos podemos cambiar la manera de fabricar los productos