Voucher to replace your broken case for free

At Fairphone, we love to experiment and try new things. But sometimes, our great ideas don’t turn out like we planned. That’s what happened with our slim transparent and translucent cases. We recently discovered that the material they’re made from doesn’t live up to our expectations for durability – it cracks and breaks much more easily than it should. We are currently investigating how we can improve the material or production process to bring them back to the shop. To remedy the problem, we’ve stopped selling slim transparent/translucent cases for now, and we’re offering a replacement to anyone with a broken slim transparent and/or black translucent case who would like any of the sturdier slim colored cases. Please recycle your broken case locally.

For more information about our transparent cases and what went wrong, please read our support article or blog post.

Who is this voucher for?

Anyone who has a broken slim transparent or slim translucent case can get a voucher code to replace it free of charge. This offer is limited to one free case per Fairphone 2 owner, who has a broken slim transparent and/or translucent case. To get your voucher, please follow the steps below. Please note, that the voucher can only be used for orders with a single item (the replacement case). If you bought a slim translucent or transparent cover via Fairphone’s web shop and prefer a refund instead of a new case, you can contact our customer support.

Get your voucher code

Start by entering your phone’s IMEI number. To find it, remove both parts of your phone case (including the rim). The number is located on the left side of your phone. Enter the first of the two, IMEI 1, into the box below.

To see how we use your data, please read our Privacy Policy.


If you have any trouble finding your IMEI 1 number, please visit our support page for a more detailed explanation.

Sorry! This IMEI number is not valid. Please enter IMEI 1 from your Fairphone 2. To find it, remove both parts of your phone case (including the rim). The number is located on the side of your phone.

Your voucher code is: [voucher_code]

To use the code, go to Fairphone’s web shop and pick out a new Fairphone 2 case. Please make sure to save the code before you leave the page. Add it to your cart, and enter this code when you check out. We’ll send your new case for free.

Sorry! Looks like this IMEI number has already been used. We can only issue one free case voucher per IMEI. If you have more than one transparent case that needs to be replaced, please contact our customer support to get your other case replaced for free as well.

Apparently, we’ve run out of voucher codes. This shouldn’t be happening, while we take care of it, please contact our customer support!

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