Get your free shipping label

Useful information before you start:

  • Send up to 3 phones per shipping label, you can apply for more than one.
  • You can skip the ‘Cash back offer’ step if it doesn’t apply to you.
  • It can take between 6 – 8 weeks to fully process your phone(s).

Your phone(s)

If you would like to send more than 1 phone, we only need to validate one per shipping label, our recycling partner will process the rest.

Find and enter the model number

The model number is technically called an IMEI number. Here are the ways you can find it for your phone:

  • Call *#06# to display on the screen.
  • Open the Settings app and look for ‘System’ or ’About Phone’.
  • Remove and look under the battery (if easily removable).

Contact details

We need this to create and send you the shipping label.

Home address

Cash back offer (optional)

Only for customers that ordered from

You must meet the following conditions:

  • You purchased from the Fairphone website
  • Your order contains a Fairphone 3
  • First time getting cash back for this Fairphone 3 order

One last thing...

Please accept the following conditions to complete this application:

Please check you have entered all the correct information in this form.

Hm, we can't recognize your IMEI, try again please

Print, package and send

    Download your label

    Your shipping label & instructions have also been sent to

    Local Options

      Local options for donating or selling your old phones

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