Researching the best available methods for electronics recycling

Moving closer to a circular economy with better electronics recycling

We’re investigating the best way to recycle smartphones to recover the greatest possible amount of materials.

The challenge

When it comes time to recycle the Fairphone 2, we want to recover as many of the original materials we can. Which of the currently available options for electronics recycling can offer the best results?

Our approach

We commissioned consultants to complete a study that examines the efficiency of different ways of recycling the Fairphone 2. The findings will be used to determine how we manage the end-of-life phase of our current products, including recycling partnerships and processing methods. It will also influence upcoming design decisions to enhance the recyclability of future products. In addition, we’re sharing the results with the rest of the industry with the aim of improving electronics recycling practices as a whole and moving closer to creating a circular economy.



Fairphone's Report on Recyclability

27 February 2017 project update

Does modularity contribute to better recovery of materials? Eventually, when our phones are no longer (re)usable or repairable, they will make the transition from constant companion to electronic waste. When that time comes, the findings of this recyclability study will help to guide our decisions in order to recover the greatest percentage of materials from the Fairphone 2.

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