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Extending the life span of our products

Making sure your phone lasts longer than most

Most mobile phones are replaced within two years – with your help, we want to keep ours working for longer.

The challenge

These days, most phones aren’t made to last. They are complicated, closed devices that are difficult to repair. If something breaks, we think that the whole phone needs to be replaced. Industry release cycles of new phones and consumer behavior make the lure of the latest, newest phone hard to resist.

Our approach

The Fairphone 2 is designed to last longer than the rest by combining a modular architecture with the good old-fashioned power of repair. Affordable spare parts and helpful tutorials make it easy for anyone to fix the most commonly broken parts. And because we know how important software is to longevity, we’re opening up our source code to owners and developers.




What I find so remarkable about Fairphone is that the team started with a simple question: Is it possible to make a fair phone? They completely reimagined the existing process and they questioned the generally accepted set of rules for making mobile phones. And they began a movement.

18 November 2015 Matthias Huisken, iFixit

Together we can change the way products are made

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